4 Tips To Beat the Traffic During Your December Wedding

Traffic has almost become part of our daily Manila vocabulary. But nothing can be as intense as Manila traffic during December. Since December is...
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Real Talk: Is That Wedding Supplier Legit?

Horror stories involving fraudulent wedding suppliers are no longer new to us. We've already heard first-hand accounts of couples who had fallen for these fraudsters'...
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How a Wedding Planner Can Help You Save Money

The services offered by wedding planners come with a price tag, and it's probably why many still believe that hiring one is simply an...
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Must-Read Articles for Grooms-To-Be

Brides are usually more involved in wedding planning. This should not be the case, though, as weddings involve both the bride and groom to...
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Common Wedding Planning Mistakes You Need to Avoid

They say you're going to get married just once, so you have to make sure it's going to be great. However, this doesn't simply...
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Must-Read Articles Before Getting Married

Getting married may seem too fun and exciting like a fairy tale for many, but it comes it a lot of responsibilities. Besides the...
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These Wedding Infographics Will Save Your Life!

Brides these days are so lucky. Apart from having a lot of options in terms of suppliers, they can easily get the information they...
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Wedding Planning Myths Debunked

We have already heard a lot of wedding planning myths. In fact, some of these myths have been ingrained in our culture that many...
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Be a Happy Bride. Don’t Become a Bridezilla!

Planning a wedding is fun, but it can also be very, very stressful.

Mavie Events Management: Bringing Out the Best in Each Event

Never let chaos burry the beauty of your wedding. We know how important each detail of your wedding is, and we don’t want you to feel sad about them not being noticed because of mishaps. To ensure everything is going to be in order on your special day, hire the team of Mavie Events Management. As experts when it comes to event, these individuals can ensure that every detail of your special day will shine and you will have the peace of mind, too.

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