Turn Your Dream Beach Wedding into Reality at Subic Grand Seas...

A lot of people dream of having a beach wedding. This is no longer surprising, given how everything seems better with a lovely view...

Find the Perfect Ibarra’s Party Venue for You!

Ibarra's Party Venues and Catering Specialist is truly an admirable wedding supplier. Apart from being able to remain on top of the game after all these years, it also continues to innovate to make couples' weddings extra special. People behind this great company knows how to please each type of couple, too. In fact, regardless of your personality and no matter what your preferences are, there is surely an Ibarra's Party Venue that is perfect for you!

Things to Figure Out Before Booking a Caterer

Filipino weddings always end up as feasts. Apart from being a celebration of two people's union, it also becomes an epic gastronomic experience for everyone. No wonder, caterers are among the first wedding suppliers soon-to-weds book. Before thinking about other aspects of the wedding, they find the right caterer first. Hizon's Catering and Corporate Canteens are among the most preferred caterers in the country today. It has already been behind the success of countless events, including weddings and corporate events. As one of the biggest players in the industry, Hizon's Catering has already learned a lot. People behind the brand is eager to share some of these bits of information, especially to couples who will eventually need them soon.

Hang All Memories Digital Productions: Turning Couples’ Dream Wedding Films into...

Just because you’re not a celebrity doesn’t mean you can no longer turn your dream wedding film into reality. Sure, you can. All you need to do is find the right team of professional wedding filmmakers to help you. If you haven’t found one yet, there’s always Hang All Memories Digital Productions to save the day.

The Finest in Tagaytay Weddings: Villa Ibarra

Tagaytay is known for the solitude and comfort it offers away from the busy city. For those couples who are looking for a perfect place for rest and relaxation (R&R) or intimate celebrations, we can extend a big thanks to Ibarra's Party Venues and Catering for creating a new home away from home - Villa Ibarra in Tagaytay.

Honing His Wedding Photography Craft to Perfection

Val Porras of Exposure Digital Photography has been in the wedding photography industry since 1995. Since then they have established their own brand of wedding photography excellence in the Philippines and abroad...
studio namu living room

Studio Namu: Bigger, Better, and More Fun

There have been a lot of awesome changes at Studio Namu lately, a proof that it strives to improve to give its clients only the best services possible. Because of these, things have been pretty exciting, too. There is always something new to look forward to. If you haven’t visited the studio yet, here is a run-down of what you have been missing, so far:

March 2016 – 3 More Reasons Why You Should Choose City...

To some, turning their dream weddings into reality is nothing but a distant dream. Sure, budget is big deal. People think that without a huge amount of cash in their hands, it will be really difficult to have a great wedding. That isn’t always right, though. When you know the right wedding suppliers to turn to, you can still pull off a great wedding without breaking the bank.

Having a Picture-Perfect Wedding at City Garden Grand Hotel

Your wedding takes place only once, so it has to be great in all aspects. It has to look great, too, so you can treasure photographs and videos that are worth looking at and watching in the years to come.

International Wedding Photographer Lito Genilo in Las Vegas this March 2013!

Lito Genilo of Smart Shot Studio is certainly not a newbie to the international wedding photography scene. With a fondness for travelling and adventures, he has constantly been in and out of the country especially for prenuptials and weddings abroad.

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