Wedding Proposals

Charles and Lara's Proposal Story

(Charles Mascenon and Lara Barbacena)

Charles Mascenon & Lara Barbacena

Why a wedding proposal at Enchanted Kingdom?

Four years ago, when I was still connected with Marie-France Group of Companies as HR Specialist, I was part of the organizing committee of our company's annual Corporate Summer Outing. And during that time, the employees voted for Enchanted Kingdom as our venue where coincidentally, Mr. Alexander Charles G. Mascenon was working as Corp. Sales Head.

Charles had been our point of contact for all the preparations prior to the summer outing. He would be in our office for meetings, etc. and our interaction was confined to a strict business relationship. It changed days after the event when he started to text, call and dinner invitations after work became frequent. Read more ...


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Charles and Lara's Wedding Proposal Story
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