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A Gown of Creampuffs
20 October 2006

There's a multitude of materials brides and their designers can choose from to make their wedding gowns. There's piƱa, chiffon, organza, satin, silk--the list is endless.

But how about a gown made of cream puffs?

Don't laugh now, but that's exactly what Ukranian baker Valentyn Shtefano created for his bride. Made from flour, sugar, eggs and caramel, the unique wedding gown weighs a total of 20 pounds and consists of a 1,500 cream puffs. Two months were spent making the gown.

Shtefano, a popular figure in his native Ukraine for his style that combines baking and artistry, related in an interview the painstaking process of creating the gown. According to him, he first tried stitching the pastries together, but his efforts failed as the cream puffs collapsed. It wasn't until he attached the cream puffs to a wedding gown frame that he was able to successfully create what others call his masterpiece. He further stated that he and his bride, Viktoriya, had to have nightly fittings to ensure that the bride would not have any problems wearing her gown.

Although Shtefano is already known in his country for his extraordinary cakes and pastries (in 2005, he and his sister won third place in an international baking competition for their 24-inch 1920's Cadillac made of cream puffs and caramel), but his wedding gown still awed and surprised those who saw it. As one remarked, never in their hometown have they "seen things like this."

So what does the bride think of her dress?

She was, she admits, a bit embarrassed by the attention brought on by the gown. But "after a couple of hours, I didn't even want to take it off."
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