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After the Wedding: John - Priscilla talk about Destiny, Love
1 April 2011

The newly-weds John Estrada and Priscilla Meirelles-Estrada had their first interview as a married couple to talk about love and destiny. The interview was done by Boy Abunda in a local entertainment news program right after their wedding.

After the Wedding: John - Priscilla talk about Destiny, Love
John and Priscilla.
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John Estrada shared how their love story all started.

“The very first time that we had a date... alam mo ba 'yung meron tayong sa ano, sa pagkatao natin, meron tayong mga bagay na nakikita na parang, 'Ops.'

“Priscilla was coming up the escalator that time. Manonood kami ng sine. Tapos ako, [and] si good friend Perry. Sabi ni Perry, 'Dude, 'pag 'yan naman ang magiging date mo ngayon, kung ako sa'yo pakasalan mo na 'yon.' So alam mo 'yung pag-ganon ni Priscilla sa escalator, 'tas tumitingin kung nasan kami. Sabi ko, 'Uh-o. Hmm, sana ito na nga 'yon'," he said laughing.

Priscilla on the other hand shares her belief in destiny.

“I don't believe that anything is by chance in life and, you know, I really think that there is a plan for everything and a reason why everything happens,” she said.

Favorite parts of the wedding ceremony?

Definitely when I walked the aisle and they're playing one of my favorite songs, the song I dreamed of [playing], you know, [while] walking. I realized that I was really getting married, I was being somebody else's, you know, Mrs. and I'm gonna build my own family,” said Meirelles.

Jokingly, John said, “I think the kiss was nice.”

“And yeah, 'yung paglakad niya papunta sa 'kin, waiting for her at the altar, maganda. At inenjoy ko 'yung reception talaga. You know, masaya lahat,” he added.


Both are individually busy so plans for honeymoon are still on hold. Both are not yet rushing to have their honeymoon.

What about the baby?

Priscilla admitted that she was not ready to have a baby at the moment.

“Ako ready ako, pero not now. I really wanna enjoy this moment and I really believe that there's something very special about being married and everything. So I don't want to rush it with kids already because I don't think that, at this moment in time, we need to enjoy each other in a different perspective. Not anymore just a boyfriend-girlfriend, now as a couple. When God wants to bless us with kids, and we're ready for it. Why not?,” she explained.

Estrada on the other hand, shares Priscilla’s mom’s wishes to have a grandchild.

“'Yung nanay niya, sabi niya dapat daw sa December pagbalik niya, or January, dapat daw may karga-karga na siya. Siguro malapit-lapit na 'to pero hindi ko alam sa asawa ko. [Kung] talagang ready na sya, I am ready,” he said.

What is Love to them?

Priscilla said it’s about giving while Estrada simply described it as wonderful.

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