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Archbishop Tagle Criticizes Couples with Wedding Gimmicks
20 March 2012
Diane Dominique Ting

Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle urged the faithful to avoid practices that depart from sacred rites. Tagle reiterated that many Filipino Catholics have been treating the sacraments as no longer celebrations of faith.  The deeper spiritual meaning of wedding rituals and events has been lost. 

Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle
Manila Archbishop
Luis Antonio Tagle
From CBCP News

“Sometimes the faith is the last thing we focus on in the sacraments. The sacraments sometimes become mere social events or just cultural tradition with faith being the last thing we consider,” Archbishop Tagle said during the Manila Archdiocesan General Pastoral Assembly last March 3 at the Paco Catholic School Auditorium in Manila.

Tagle slammed couples who insisted on incorporating “gimmicks, paborloloyand ka-ek-ekan” in their church wedding to make the ceremony more dramatic. But Tagle managed to lighten his discerning sermon by injecting bits of stand-up comedy, drawing laughs from the crowd.

Archbishop Tagle recalled how he once received a letter from a couple asking permission if their dog can serve as the ring bearer for their wedding. He then questioned what the dog had to do with faith and what has become of marriage nowadays.

The Manila Archbishop also once reminded a bride about the dress code inside the Church, to which the bride retorted, “Why does the Church still interfere with that? You are not the one who’s going to pay for my gown”. He explained to the crowd that what you are wearing and the symbols you use should speak of your faith. 

But the best punch line came when he shared how he once attended a wedding ceremony that was delayed for 45 minutes. When he questioned the groom why they were behind schedule, the wedding planner remarked that the butterflies that were supposed to be released while the bride walked down the aisle were not delivered on time.

Archbishop Tagle mentioned these to challenge the faithful in line with the upcoming observance of the Year of Faith in October.

“This is one great challenge for us during this Year of Faith. Our liturgy and sacraments, sadly, sometimes are no longer a celebration of faith. Sometimes faith is the last thing that is being given attention to when it comes to the sacraments,” he said. 

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