Free Gowns For Military Marriages
16 January 2007
By Lei de Juan

An almost perfect wedding preparation can be ruined by a terrible mishap. A couple plans their wedding months ahead and soon be devastated with the news of the groom meeting an accident or the bride suddenly gone missing.

More so are the military brides and 'would-be' brides of the service men. They only have days to arrange a wedding after months of fear of their 'would-be' husbands might not be coming home. Soldiers are always at risk of getting injured and killed in the battlefield. And so when they have a chance to go home, they see to it that they make the most of these days for their families and 'would-be' families.

This reality prompted Dick and Suzanne DeMore to give away wedding dresses for military marriages. If somebody is getting married before being sent off, a dress from a selected stock is FREE.

The DeMores own a wedding dress store called The French Door. In recent years, they have had customers comprising lady soldiers who are getting married and young women marrying men serving in the military. Men and women who have fallen in love with them are left with the responsibility to make their weddings work before their loved ones are set off to battle again.

Dick and Suzanne feel that they are in a unique position to help these men and women ease the pressure of a rushed wedding.

Military brides can choose from hundreds of dresses in their stock. All they need to bring is a proof that they are marrying active service men or are serving themselves. The shop aims to give as many dresses as they can to cover all the brides who come in for help.

(16 January 2007)
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