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Married to a Royal: 10 Things Kate Middleton Can't Do Anymore
29 April 2011

Most of us don’t really know what happens inside the lives of British royalty.

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Kate was criticized for her
fashion style and "tumble" at
a charity event she supported.
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Some generations ago, “commoners” can be tasered for getting too close to the British Royal family. And the most common practice is for royalty to marry fellow royalty. Some things have changed, especially today as the future king proposed to a “commoner” particularly Prince William to Kate Middleton.

And although it’s quite romantic and magical for a prince to be allowed to marry an ordinary girl, the Royal Family still follows a rigid set of rules and etiquette that a common person would have trouble adjusting to.

From Yahoo! UK, get to know some of the things a normal Kate won’t be able to do when she becomes a royal Catherine.

1. Kate can no longer be referred to as “Kate”
When Kate Middleton joins the House of Windsor, her official title will become ‘Her Royal Highness the Princess William of Wales’.

She can only be addressed as 'Catherine' or 'Ma'am.'

2. Kate can no longer vote
The Queen and other members of the Royal Family are allowed to vote but they do not do so because of the need for the Royal Family to be neutral.

This is in line with their public role as being able to identify with all sectors of society, including minorities and special interest groups.

3. Kate cannot run for political office
Again, because the Royal Family has to keep neutral, they cannot run for office.

4. Kate can no longer work
So far, her working experience has only been seven months as a casual accessories buyer for clothing chain Jigsaw and a short time working for the family company, Party Pieces. But any future work aspirations she may have can no longer be realized. Royals and careers don’t mix well as history has proven.

5. Kate cannot sign anything unofficial
If Prince William becomes King, Kate might have to sign government papers and bring legislation into force in her husband’s place.

Because of this, people in their position are strictly not supposed to sign anything that would lead to their signature being forged.

6. Kate can no longer say or do anything controversial
She can no longer express anything that would be blown into something controversial like her preferred political position, social position, et cetera et cetera. 

She has succeeded so far not making any wrong comments. The world has only heard her speak once after her and William’s engagement (but even that was a heavily rehearsed affair).

7. Kate cannot escape the scrutiny
Kate can expect scrutiny in everything she does because she will be on the spotlight 24/7. She's already been tagged "waity kaity"(for apparently always waiting for Prince William), photographed even while riding a public bus, and mocked for her fashion sense. This kind of scrutiny will continue to grow and extend to all aspects of her life.

8. Kate cannot also play Monopoly?
“In 2008, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, said that the Royal Family was not allowed to play Monopoly at home ‘because it gets too vicious’." Kate, then, would have to be careful in selecting what games to play or she'll end up playing on her own. 

9. Kate can no longer eat shellfish.
Shellfish is never served to British Royals for fear of food poisoning. (Let's all hope Kate is not fond of delicious lobsters or crabs.)

10. Kate can no longer finish her dinner (if she eats slower than the Queen).
“In Britain, when the Queen stops eating, you stop as well, fork in hand.”

After reading all of these restrictions, would you still want to be a princess?

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