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Getting Ready for Pre-Nuptial Photo Shoots

By Diane Dominique Ting | June 2013

Prenuptial shoots can run from simple walk-in-the-park shots to something completely silly and out of this world. While not every couple may be keen on doing thematic pre-nuptial photo shoots, themes can add the element of fun and elegance to the photos. It can serve as a great way to show off the unique personalities of the soon-to-wed couple. Prenuptial shoots also prepare the couple to be camera ready for the big day.

According to Marco Malaca of the Blacktieproject, choosing a theme would depend on what the couple generally likes. What they do for a living or how the couple met are also great considerations for a nice thematic prenuptial photo shoot. Choosing a theme for a prenuptial shoot ties the elements of the shoot together. It also makes choosing the little details such as the outfit and props a lot easier because they are essentially choosing from a template they've already set.

More importantly, choosing a theme can help set the photos apart and make it a unique experience. However, going with a themed prenuptial photo shoot does not mean needing to go crazy. As Marco shared, "it's all about making prenuptial photo shoots different from the rest."

For a festival theme, Cebu's Sinulog Festival would be a great prenup backdrop with all the sights and colors. For a romantic theme, a serene boat ride or a stroll by the beach would work great. However, Marco shares that these ideas would still depend on the budget of the couple.

Shooting thematic weddings can be harder than shooting weddings mainly because soon-to-wed couples are not professional models. It can be hard to think of a right pose and find the perfect setting to capture it. Unlike weddings where 80% of the shots are candid, prenuptial photo shoots are the other way around. The best thing a couple can do is to be directed and let the wedding photographers be the director.

The Pre of Pre-nups
Blacktieproject shares five easy tips on how to get ready for a prenuptial photo shoot.

1. Location – Choose a location that can best represent the theme you have chosen. There might be 4-5 places in one location where you can have great shots. It would then be left for the wedding photographer and you to get creative.

2. Attire - Have at least 2-3 attires to choose from. Make sure to choose each piece carefully - from a pair of earrings down to the shoes. A nice manicure may also come in handy for those pretty engagement ring shots.

3. Make-up – Many prenuptial albums consist of a lot of close-up shots so make sure your make-up is well made. Consider hiring a make-up artist for the day if you are not confident with your own make-up skills.

4. Wedding Photographer and Client meet-up – The Blacktieproject team makes sure to meet their client before the actual pre-nuptial shoot to give a run down on what would be happening on the prenup shoot date. Planning is key for a successful prenuptial photo shoot.

5. Rest – Coming to a photo shoot with worries and stress is a definite no-no. Not only would this show in your actual photos but those involved would not enjoy the shoot either. Make sure to be well-rested the day before and come in your most beautiful self in time for the shoot.

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