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Embracing Old and New Mediums in Wedding Photography
Dominic Barrios Photography
By Frangelica Valdez
November 2013

We are now at a digital age where it's the norm to be carrying around tablets and smartphones than to be bringing books and notebooks. You might be the kind of person who might find that laptops are not as functional or as handy as they used to be and opt for the more travel friendly gadgets. On the other hand, there are still very traditional people who love being able to feel the paper in their hands. Or to be able to frame and display beautiful portraits of their wedding day for their guests to see.

Wedding Photography by Dominic Barrios Photography
Wedding Photography by Dominic Barrios Photography

Manila-based wedding photographer Dominic Barrios Photography provides all his packages a free portrait of your choice in Fine Museum Etching paper and an e-album of you wedding or prenuptial photos.

What is Fine/Museum Art Etching Paper?
The kind of paper affects the overall quality of the printed product: how vivid the colors will be and how clear it will turn up. Museum Art Etching Paper has a "slight texture and a soft homogenous surface" made specifically for digital works of art—including your wedding photos. It is the best printed medium to make beautiful portraits and display items for your guests to look and talk about.

What is a Mobile Wedding Album?
Unlike other local wedding photography studios, Dominic Barrios Photography is being handled by someone who is young and up-to-date not only with trends in photography but in technology as well. After your wedding and/engagement session, they can make available a mobile wedding e-album.

What is a mobile wedding album? The team in Dominic Barrios Photography makes your photo available through a mobile application. This can be installed in either Android, iOS, and Windows. Like any application, it will have its own storage space so that its contents won't get mixed in with your other pictures in your phone or tablet. This also makes showing your wedding pictures faster and easier as anytime and anywhere you're likely to have your devices with you.

Wedding Photography by Dominic Barrios Photography
Wedding Photography by Dominic Barrios Photography

Dominic Barrios Photography caters not only to those who love the traditional wedding portraits but also to those who are very much attuned to new technologies. In both mediums, you can showcase to your relatives and friends the love and happiness you've felt when you married your better half. Learn more his wedding packages through his chic website and don't forget to check out Dominic Barrios' impressive international wedding portfolio!