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Luxe Desserts for Weddings

By Nina Suzette Lim | August 2012

Wedding desserts are more than just sweet ways of ending meals. They are great conversation starters, pick-uppers for sleepy guests, party favors, and table centerpieces. Not surprisingly, dessert bars are gaining popularity in wedding receptions. Instead of having one or two desserts served to them at their tables, guests are given the chance to stand up, mingle with other guests, and choose their own treats.

Let Goldilocks' Luxe A-List Dessert line cater to your dessert station. True to its name, Luxe Desserts offer an assortment of gourmet cookies, sugared nuts, petit fours, andspecialty cakes. With so many options to choose from, your guests will have fun sampling treats that best reflect their personal tastes and preferences.

Caramel and nut lovers will enjoy the Gran Via Caramelo, a double-layered black velvet cake with a creamy caramel filling and sweet caramel icingtopped with cashew praline bits.

For those who want brightly colored treats, the Manhattan Red Velvetis the perfect choice. Underneath the pink surface of white chocolate ganache and vanilla buttercream icing is a two-layered velvet cake with sweet pistachio mousse.

Chocoholics will definitely enjoy the Matignon Choco Luxe, a rich chocolate fudge cake filled with caramel,covered with chocolate ganache, and decorated with and chocolate curls.

The possibilities for the perfect dessert station are endless. For more ideas on what sweets to include on your wedding, visit Goldilocks' Luxe A-List Desserts at

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