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3 Amazing Wedding Setups by Henry Pascual

By Mina Deocarez | March 2015

For Henry Pascual, every wedding should be unique. He is also aware that event stylists like him play a crucial role in making weddings stand out from the rest. As he puts it, "An even stylist defines the way a wedding or an event will be remembered."

This is why he always comes up with new designs and materials for every wedding he works on. He plays with different elements to produce setups that can put a smile on anyone's face.

Apart from that, he also ensures that there is no repeat performances when it comes to his creations. This means that every setup is created especially for that event. Whatever he uses, such as drapes and center pieces, won't be recycled for other events.

The following are just some of his breath-taking creations:

1. Filipiniana Themed

This clever setup is composed of pearls, small umbrellas made of lace, capiz, and folding fans.

2. Under the Sea

One of the highlights of this setup are the metal dye cut seahorses and lion fish with rustic finish. It also uses underwater-inspired floral composition.

3. Grecian Themed

Pre-fabricated pillars accentuated by vines are the highlights of this setup.

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