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Celebrate in Style with Henry Pascual Event Stylist

By Mina Deocarez | December 2015

Your wedding is something you would always look back to after so many years. Because of that, it is just ideal that you do everything you can to ensure it will turn out the way you have imagined: beautiful, memorable, picture-perfect.

For sure, you have visions on how to do it. However, due to several factors like stress and time constraint, you may not have ample energy to come up with specific ideas on how to pull off a truly wonderful wedding. If that is the case, worry no more as Henry Pascual Event Stylist is here to give you the help you need.

Personalized approach

Couples who have worked with Henry Pascual know that he recycles neither ideas nor actual centerpieces. That is because he believes that every wedding is unique so each couple deserves a set of centerpieces that are made especially for them. That just means that hiring Henry Pascual means avoiding being a second-rate, trying hard copycat!

Excellent concepts and color combinations

Being bakya is one of the greatest fears of soon-to-weds. Actually, it is not too hard to commit such a crime, especially if you (or your event stylist) is not that clever. With Henry Pascual, though, you can be assured that your wedding will be classier than you have ever imagined. As a master of great concepts and color harmony, he will make your wedding the next talk of the town.

Unquestionable craftsmanship

As a true artist, Henry Pascual goes beyond clever ideas by displaying unmatched level of craftsmanship each time he works on an event. He is so meticulous when pre-fabricating and customizing centerpieces and other decors to be used in all his events. So, even if you take a closer look at the centerpieces during your reception, you will see that he knows what he is doing and he’s just so good at it.

Ready to make your dream wedding come true? Get in touch with Henry Pascual now! Visit his profile to get his contact information and to learn more about him, too.

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