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Why You Need to Hire Henry Pascual

By Mina Deocareza | October 2016

Many soon-to-weds still wonder about the importance of hiring a wedding stylist, thinking they can simply go DIY even if they don’t have any idea how to make things work. What they don’t know is that one styling mistake may lead to a major disaster.

That’s because event styling is a form of art that requires not only basic knowledge about the principles of design but also a sense of style. One’s personal taste can make or break a design, too. That’s why if you aren’t really sure of how to do things, you better trust a professional like Henry Pascual. He can help you with the following:

Refining your ideas

Are you dreaming of a winter-themed wedding? Why not? But of course, it’s also wise to know that you cannot simply mix and match it with any other concept you’ve thought of, just because you think it would be cool. You see, things have to be logical. With the help of Henry Pascual, you can refine the ideas and pegs you have in mind until you come up with a final theme that makes sense and is doable.

Executing the concept

Sure, after conceptualization comes implementation. And as you know, no matter how good your ideas are, they’ll be useless if now implemented properly. Don’t worry, though. Henry Pascual won’t leave you hanging. In fact, he will make sure everything you have agreed on in terms of event styling will be implemented just how you have imagined them to be.

Taking things to the next level

Excellent event styling can do wonders. But of course, this is not the end. There are still others things that can be done to make your wedding even more memorable. One of them is by adding proper lighting. Sure, Henry Pascual can also help you come up with more ideas as to how you can make your venue look even better.

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