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Reminders for Brides before Make-up

By Diane Dominique Ting | April 2014

They say a bride will always look exceptionally stunning on her wedding day. But sometimes, girls need to make that extra effort to get there. Ms. Hazel Gonzales of HG Studio shares some important reminders brides need to take note of before having their make-up done on their wedding day.

1. Do not get a facial a week before you wedding

Many brides have the common notion that every blemish, scar and spot can be covered by make-up. Ms. Hazel shares that make-up artists cannot do miracles. The face needs several days to recover and heal after a facial. "If you do it regularly, you would know the right amount of time for your skin to recover. For first timers, have your facial done three weeks before the wedding." Three weeks will also allow ample time to go back to the dermatologist for any persistent skin problems.

2. Come with clean faces

Ms. Hazel shares that there are brides that come in with smudged mascara and eyelash glue from the previous night of partying. "Please make an effort to come with clean faces before having your make-up done. Cleaning your face takes additional time for us which is not really part of our services." She also shares that in the absence of any make-up remover, baby oil will do the trick to remove any stubborn traces of make-up and facial products.

3. Hydrate

Simply put, drink lots of water. Nothing beats having a nice canvass to work on when it comes to applying make-up. When your skin is soft and supple, brides will be able to give off a radiating glow on their wedding day which cannot be achieved by just make-up alone. While at it, water releases unwanted toxins in the body. In the event that brides undergo high levels of stress during the wedding, water can keep the natural processes within the body functioning well.

4. Moisturize

Aside from drinking plenty of water, brides would need to moisturize for at least a month before the wedding. Many girls make the mistake of avoiding moisturizing claiming that they have oily skin. "Oily skin is when you touch your jaws and your fingers will get oil from the jaw line. But if you have an oily t-zone, you are a combination which still requires the need to moisturize," shares Ms. Hazel. While some parts of your face may be oily, other parts of the face still need moisture. The dry parts of your skin will absorb the oil while the oily parts with just have the moisture slide off. Just as mentioned, nothing beats putting make-up on a good canvass.

5. Do not smoke

Ms. Hazel pleads to future brides to never smoke before putting on make-up. Not only does smoking tend to dry out the skin, it does not give out a pleasant smell. Brides usually want to appear looking clean and fresh on their wedding day. Consequently, having a cigarette in hand might not paint a pretty picture.

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