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Wedding Dress Fitting from Mara Dizon

By Mina Deocareza | March 2015

One of the worst nightmares any bride could have is finding out that her wedding dress does not fit her. Just imagine the stress of making it fit when there is only limited time left. To avoid this mishap, make sure that you take fitting seriously. To help you, here are the wedding dress fitting tips from Mara M. Dizon:

1. Pay Attention to Measurements.

According to Mara M. Dizon, apart from the design, measurements are also important. Contrary to the belief of others, they are not just numbers. They will dictate whether your dress is going to be a perfect fit or not. This is why, during the wedding dress fitting, determine whether your dress needs more adjustments.

2. Go for What Makes You Comfortable.

Apart from ensuring that your wedding dress is created with the right measurements, do not forget to ask yourself: Do you feel comfortable with those measurements? Some brides, according to Mara M. Dizon, would actually say that the way the dress fits them is already fine despite the fact that they are a bit too tight on them. To avoid committing the same kind of mistakes, go for a dress that you feel comfortable in. If you can't move in it, it means you have to adjust the numbers.

3. Think Beyond the Dress Fitting Session.

Mara M. Dizon reminds brides to also think long term during the wedding dress fitting session. If the bride is trying to lose weight, for example, she has to consider the bodily changes that might happen days or weeks before the wedding. Same thing should also be done by brides with constantly changing weight.

Whatever concern you have about your dress, be honest and communicate with your designer and maker. Mara M. Dizon and her staff are always ready to assist and answer your questions. Learn more about her by visiting her profile.

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