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Questions to Ask a Wedding Coordinator: Tips from Monina E

By Mina Deocareza | April 2015

Behind every successful wedding is a good wedding coordinator. Even hands-on or DIY brides hire day-of-wedding coordinators to take care of things on the actual wedding day. But of course, it's worth noting that all wedding coordinators are not created equal. The challenge for every couple is to find one who has ample knowledge and experience when it comes to wedding planning.

Monina E. is one of the most trusted wedding coordinators in the Metro. In fact, she does not just excel in coordinating weddings; she is also a pro in organizing other functions like debuts and corporate events.

Now, she's giving you tips, particularly questions you need to ask a wedding coordinator before hiring her:

1. Are you available on our wedding day?

Schedule is very important, especially if you're getting married in December. Naturally, you can't expect every supplier to be available on your preferred date. So, before anything else, ask a wedding coordinator if she is available on your wedding day.

2. Do you do day-of-wedding coordinating?

As mentioned earlier, some brides prefer to be hands on when it comes to their own weddings. However, they can go running and coordinating with the different suppliers on the actual wedding day. Instead, somebody else has to be in charge of this task. In this case, it's the day-of-wedding coordinator's duty. So, if you are a DIY bride, you better be clear before hiring a coordinator.

3. How many years have you been doing this?

Sure, there are still a lot of wannabe's in the industry. In fact, there are those who decide to be wedding planners out of the blue. "I love weddings, therefore I can be a wedding planner," some would say. Yet, we know that it takes knowledge to become an effective wedding coordinator. Experience is also a plus. Unless, you want your wedding to be a guinea pig. To be sure, ask about a coordinator's experience in the industry.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. Open communication and honesty are important when dealing with wedding suppliers.

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