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Photogenics Studios: From Almost Zero To Becoming Couples Heroes

By Mina Deocareza| June 2014

Established in 2012, Photogenics Studios may be considered young in terms of the year it has spent in the industry. But let me tell you something: within two years, the team has managed to work their way up and become Olongapo City's leading provider of wedding photos and videos. Not just that; they also won the Kasalang Filipino sa Subic Best Booth Award for two consecutive years (in 2013 and 2014). Now, they are not just known within Olongapo City. They are also catering to the wedding video and photo needs of couples in Metro Manila.

How Photogenics Studio has managed to do and achieve all these within two years is still a wonder to many. In fact, some of their followers have been asking whether the company has a certain secret that somehow helps them accomplish so many in a short span of time. Yet, what they do not know is that Photogenics Studios has no secret at all. What it has is a team composed of the right people—people who are not just passionate but also people who make things happen.

The history of Photogenics Studios began when Erika's passion for photography sparked a business idea two years ago. She realized that she could actually take her hobby to a level higher and make use of it in business. Together with Tony, her brother, she established a photography studio in the month of March. Tony, equipped with 11 years of marketing experience in China, took care of the more hardcore aspects of the venture such as marketing and business strategies.

Meanwhile, Erika continued her studies about photography and mastered the craft. Not only did she obtain actual experience; she also attended several trainings and workshops to hone her talents and skills. All these helped a lot in the business. No wonder, things went went and their studio was welcomed by their patrons with warmth. People loved their quality photographs with their photogenic faces on them. Even their customer service was commendable.

In June, they realized that growth was inevitable. Having realized that there was high demand for wedding photography and videography, the team decided to go with the flow and take the bigger challenge. It was not easy, though. First of all, they needed more people to help them.

Good thing, Erika and Tony's nephew Don entered the picture. Despite his limited knowledge in videography, he was still determined to help his aunt and uncle in their business. So, he took the challenge and had more practice to be able to deliver during their wedding shoot. He even involved her girlfriend and trained her to become part of the team. Tony was able to see how determined Don and Erika were that's why he did not hesitate to invest in better equipment, which were also very important at that time.

Fortunately, with their burning passion, determination, and talent, they did well. They were able to come up with a great work the couple loved so much. In the end, the couple was very happy about their services.

Little did they know, it was the beginning of a more exciting chapter in the history of Photogenics Studios. Eventually, other couples in the area learned about them. Then, one wedding became two, three, and before they knew it they already had several weddings in a row.

The year 2013 was a good year as well. First of all, it opened very well. It was also in the same year that Photogenics Studios became more aggressive as a company. In June, they joined Kasalang Filipino 2013 sa Subic. Despite it being their first time, they already managed to dominate and got the most number of bookings. This happened again in 2014, which was another great year for the team. Indeed, it was a good indication that Photogenics has already earned the trust of many people.

Now, the company continues to grow. More and more couples are booking them, all eager to have their very own version of distinct wedding films made by Photogenics. As these things happen, the team also does not stop learning and finding ways on how to make their clients happy or simply how to save the day and be the couples' heroes. And of course, they do these things while keeping their feet on the ground.

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