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Pro Makeup Tips by The Indigo Strokes for Beautiful Brides

By Christian Alomodin | June 2014

If the wedding is a romantic film, the bride is the leading lady. Brides exude a wonderful, blooming aura during their special day, and effective makeup by an expert group like The Indigo Strokes can help bring out that beauty even more. Like any reliable artists, The Indigo Strokes have secrets that help them transform brides from simple beauties to the wonderful beings that frequent the aisle.

Remember the Climate Factor
The Philippines is a very unfriendly face for makeup artistry, as its humidity and hot temperatures can wash the beauty of the makeup off any blushing bride. Brides should have a retouch kit at the ready, full of primers, moisturizers, foundations, and oil-free blotting sheets to help keep brides looking fresh.

Remember the Glitz and Glamour
The bride is the star of her wedding, so it is natural that all lights, eyes, and camera lenses are fixated her way. The bright lights (and any sparkly gown) can overpower makeup the bride is used to applying, so The Indigo Strokes usually apply more makeup in order to help the bride stand out all the more.

Remember the Purpose of Makeup
Makeup artistry is a wonderful thing. However, it is easy for anyone to overdo their makeup and look entirely like a different person. The Indigo Strokes apply makeup in order to highlight the bride's beauty, not make her look like someone else. Good application of makeup will help everyone (especially the groom) remember why everyone is gathered on that day: to celebrate the bride's beauty and the love the bride and the groom share.

The Indigo Strokes has a profile that exhibits their craftsmanship with makeup artistry and links to their website and social media portals.

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