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Wedding Suppliers

Adorata Weddings

March 2016 - How a Dress from Adorata Weddings Can Transform You
February 2016 - Adorata Weddings: Transforming Brides into Queens
November 2015 - How To Make Your Dream Wedding Dress Come True
September 2015 - Adorata Weddings' Tips on Choosing the Right Gown
March 2015 - Finding the Perfect Adorata Dress For You
November 2014 - Be a More Adorable Bride in an Adorata Wedding Dress

All Dolled Up by Anya Reyes

May 2014 - Book Anya Reyes of All Dolled Up for a Natural Look
April 2014 - How Anya Reyes Sees Makeup
December 2013 - Natural Beauty Revealed: All Dolled Up by Anya Reyes

Alt X Videos

December 2013 - Mini Movie Wedding Teasers
July 2013 - The Right Mix for Wedding Videos

Amazing Touch Floral Designs

July 2013 - The Touch of ReZen on your Wedding Day

Angelita Sy Barong & Gown Fashion

September 2014 - Wedding Dress Buying Tips from Angelita Sy
September 2014 - Get the Right Wedding Attire with Angelita Sy
June 2014 - Go to Angelita Sy Barong & Gown Fashion and Get the Perfect Barong for You

Ariel Javelosa Photography

February 2016 - Building Romantic Memories with Ariel Javelosa Photography
January 2016 - Ariel Javelosa Photography: Providing Services You Can Truly Count On
December 2015 - Ariel Javelosa Photography: More Than Just Photos and Videos
November 2015 - Ariel Javelosa: Making Dream Bridal Shots Come to Life
October 2015 - Ariel Javelosa Photography: Quality above All
July 2015 - Highlighting the Beauty of Filipino Weddings
July 2015 - Ariel Javelosa Photography's Tips: Why Choose a Professional Wedding Photographer?
April 2015 - What to Look Forward to in Photos by Ariel Javelosa Photography
January 2015 - The Perks of Working with the Busies Wedding Photographer in the Country
September 2014 - 3 Things to Consider in Your Wedding Photos
August 2014 - How to prepare for a shoot with Ariel Javelosa Photography
March 2014 - Ariel Javelosa: The Insatiable Wedding Master
April 2013 - Pose Like a Pro on Your Wedding Day
January 2013 - For Every Wedding Occasion: Ariel Javelosa Photography
December 2011 - The Man And The Wisdom Behind Ariel Javelosa Photography
April 2011 - No Broken Vows In Wedding Photography
January 2009 - 3G's Of Wedding Photography

Avengoza Catering Services

July 2012 - Avengoza Catering Services: Catering To The Filipino Palate
May 2011 - Back To Basics In Wedding Catering

B.A. Studio

August 2016 - BA Studio: The Key to Amazing Prenup Photos
August 2016 - BA Studio: Where Each Wedding Photo is a Work of Art
June 2016 - Have Creative Wedding Photos with BA Studio
April 2016 - BA Studio: Producing More than Just Photographs
May 2015 - Have Memorable Bridal Photos With B.A. Studio
April 2015 - B.A. Studio: Preparing for Your Prenup Shoot
March 2015 - Why You Should Have Your Prenup Shoot at BA Studio
April 2014 - B.A. Studio Introduces Underwater Photography
March 2013 - Limitless Themes in One Prenuptial Studio
September 2012 - A Decade of Wedding Photography
September 2012 - An Old World Prenuptial Studio
August 2011 - Wedding Photography By B. A Studio
May 2011 - Strike A Pose Before I Do

Bayview Park Hotel Manila

November 2016 - Make Your Guests Feel at Home at Bayview Park Hotel Manila!
October 2016 - Have a Hassle-Free Prenup Shoot at Bayview Park Hotel Manila!
October 2016 - Celebrating Lovely Beginnings at Bayview Hotel Manila
September 2015 - Fall in Love With Manila Over and Over Again at Bayview Park Hotel
September 2015 - Have a Memorable Wedding at Bayview Park Hotel Manila
November 2014 - Top 3 Reasons to Choose Bayview Park Hotel as Your Wedding Lodging
October 2014 - 3 Things To Love About Bayview Park Hotel
May 2014 - Bayview Park Hotel: Good As Advertised
February 2014 - Six Reasons to Love Bayview Park Hotel Manila
November 2013 - Memorable Weddings With A Memorable View
December 2012 - Your Manila Wedding By The Bay

Beauty by Ria

December 2016 - Beauty by Ria: Taking Bridal Makeup Artistry to a Whole New Level
August 2016 - Look Fresh On Your Wedding Day with Beauty by Ria!
July 2016 - Beauty by Ria: Your Trusted Bridal Makeup Artist

Bez I do Events & Wedding Planner

August 2013 - The Bez Wedding Planner
April 2013 - Your Bestfriend in Wedding Planning

Bizu Catering Studio

June 2016 - Bizu Catering Studio: Great Food for Great Celebrations
March 2016 - Impress Everyone with Bizu Catering Studio
December 2015 - Celebrate Life's Sweetness With Bizu Catering Studio!
Augsut 2015 - Show Your Sweetness With Bizu Catering Studio!
June 2015 - Bizu Catering Studio: Redefining Wedding Banquets
October 2014 - Why It Is Good to Choose Bizu Catering Studio

Black Tie Project

October 2016 - Have Unique Prenup Photos with Blacktieproject!
July 2016 - Have Fun Wedding Photos and Videos with Blacktieproject!
April 2016 - Blacktieproject: Producing More Than Just Photos and Videos
June 2015 - Why Hire Professional Photographers Like Blacktieproject
May 2015 - Things to Keep in Mind Before Your Prenup Photo Shoot
February 2015 - Get A Free Prenup Shoot With Blacktieproject
August 2014 - See Blacktieproject in Dubai!
June 2014 - Learn to Project with Blacktieproject
May 2014 - 4 Kickass Prenup Shoot Ideas and How Black Tie Project Can Help You Execute Them
June 2013 - Getting Ready for Pre-Nuptial Photo Shoots
November 2012 - Black Tie Project: The Team Behind The Tie

Bliss & Berries

November 2016 - Tell Your Story the Fun Way with Bliss and Berries!
May 2016 - Bliss and Berries: A Fresher Approach to Your Wedding Photos and Videos Guaranteed!
December 2015 - Bliss & Berries: Capturing Perfect Smiles and More
November 2015 - Bliss & Berries Shares What Makes a Good Engagement Photo
September 2015 - What You Need for an Awesome Photo Shoot: Tips From Bliss and Berries
May 2015 - Save the Date Video Tips from Bliss and Berries
March 2015 - Why Choose Bliss & Berries?
September 2014 - Experience the Bliss with Bliss and Berries
September 2014 - On Immortalizing Your Wedding Day Bliss With Bliss & Berriess
June 2014 - Make your Prenup Shoot More Fun with Bliss and Berries

Blue Petals Catering

January 2015 - Making Your Wedding Celebration More Special With Blue Petals Catering
January 2015 - 3 Things You Should Ask Wedding Caterers
March 2014 - Packages Sprinkled with Blue Petals
March 2014 - Serving Food Has Never Been This Pleasurable

Bodyshot Photography

April 2011 - Trail Blazing Bacolod Wedding Photography
September -October 2010 - Seeing The True Wedding Subject

BrenCo Creative Studios

March 2014 - As the Moment Unfolds: The Magic of BrenCo
November 2013 - Creativity and Heart: BrenCo Creative Studios

Buma Subic Hotel and Restaurant

February 2017 - BUMA Subic Hotel and Restaurant: The Ultimate Wedding Destination in Subic

Casa Ibiza

April 2014 - The Casa of Wedding Venues
March 2014 - 5 Unique Details from Casa Ibiza for Your Wedding
May 2011 - A Feel Of An International Wedding At Home
September 2010 - Beauty, Versatility, And More In A Wedding Venue

CD Worx Multimedia

June 2016 - Let Every Moment Count with CD Worx Multimedia Center
April 2016 - CD Worx Multimedia Center: Where True Love Shines Through Perfect Photographs
January 2016 - Tell Your Wedding's Story with CD Worx Multimedia Center's Amazing Photos and Videos
May 2015 - Capture and Immortalize Your Wedding Vows The Right Way With CD Worx
May 2015 - Why Invest in Quality Photo and Video Services? Tips From CD Worx
February 2015 - How to Have an Epic Prenup Shoot with CD Worx Multimedia
July 2014 - Make Tthe Prenup Shoot Work With CD Worx
March 2014 - CD Worx Multimedia: Telling Wedding Stories Creatively
June 2013 - Value for Money with CD Worx Wedding Packages
October 2011 - The Wedding Photo-Video Of CD Worx Multimedia
December 2010 - Wedding Photography Through A Couple's Eyes

Chef Patrick's Kitchen

March 2017 - Every Dish is a Masterpiece with Chef Patrick’s Kitchen
December 2016 - Have a Lovely, Memorable Wedding Banquet with Chef Patrick’s Kitchen!
October 2016 - Have a Lovely, Memorable Wedding Banquet with Chef Patrick’s Kitchen!
January 2016 - Chef Patrick's Kitchen: Making Hassle-Free, Budget Friendly Banquets Possible
August 2015 - Chef Patrick's Kitchen: The Caterer of Dream Weddings

Chito Vecina Photography

January - February 2011 - Capturing Real Wedding Moments

Christian Andaya Wedding Films

February 2013 - Creative Storytelling in Wedding Videos

Chocolate Confections

October 2013 - Bringing A Happy High to Weddings: Chocolate Confections

City Garden Grand Hotel

March 2017 - Have a World-Class Wedding Celebration at City Garden Grand Hotel
February 2017 - Why Weddings Are Lovelier at City Garden Grand Hotel
October 2016 - Enjoy the Gift of Relaxation at City Garden Grand Hotel!
October 2016 - Feel at Home at City Garden Grand Hotel
July 2016 - Party in Style at City Garden Grand Hotel
May 2016 - City Garden Grand Hotel: Dream Weddings Do Come True!
April 2016 - City Garden Grand Hotel: Taking City Weddings a Notch Higher
March 2016 - Summer Weddings Are Great at City Garden Grand Hotels!
March 2016 - 3 More Reasons Why You Should Choose City Garden Grand Hotel
January 2016 - Making Dream Weddings Even More Possible
January 2016 - Fall in Love with the Beauty of the City at City Garden Grand Hotel
December 2015 - City Garden Grand Hotel:Your Second Home In The City
November 2015 - City Garden Grand Hotel: Where Dream Weddings Do Come True
September 2015 - City Garden Grand Hotel: Where Your Fairy Tale Wedding Is Within Reach
August 2015 - Having a Picture-Perfect Wedding at City Garden Grand Hotel
July 2015 - Make Your Makati Wedding Special by Choosing City Garden Grand Hotel
May 2015 - City Garden Grand Hotel: Your Dream Hotel Wedding Venue
March 2015 - City Garden Grand Hotel: Perfect for Weddings
December 2014 - Tips On Choosing The Best Reception Venue With City Garden Grand Hotel
November 2014 - City Garden Grand Hotel: Makati's Premiere Wedding Hotel

City Garden Suites

March 2017 - City Garden Suites: The Perfect Wedding Venue for the Practical Bride
January 2017 - Have a Lovely Intimate Wedding at City Garden Suites
January 2017 - Hassle-Free Weddings at City Garden Suites
November 2016 - Celebrate the Beauty of Simplicity at City Garden Suites
August 2016 - Wedding Preps Made Easier at City Garden Hotels Manila
July 2016 - Stay within You Budget at City Garden Hotel Manila
May 2016 - City Garden Suites: Your Home Away From Home
November 2015 - Where Manila Weddings Are More Magical
October 2015 - Avoid Unpleasant Surprises; Tie the Knot at City Garden Suites!
July 2015 - Where Dream Manila Weddings Come True
June 2015 - City Garden Suites: Making Weddings Lovely, Rain or Shine
May 2015 - Make City Garden Suites the Center of Everything!
December 2014 - Let Your Guests Find Comfort in City Garden Suites Manila
December 2014 - Why Have Your Preps in City Garden Suites Manila
October 2014 - Elegant Yet Affordable Weddings at City Garden Suites
September 2014 - City Garden Suites: Perfect for Manila Weddings
September 2014 - 3 Reasons to Celebrate Your Wedding at City Garden Hotels Manila
May 2014 - City Garden Suites: Getting the Best Out of Wedding Tastings
September 2013 -Planning a Suite Wedding Reception?
May 2013 - It's in The Wedding Details
January 2013 - City Garden Suites for Pre-Wedding Celebrations
June 2011 - The Experts In Luxury And Comfort: Worry-Free Metro Manila Wedding
May 2011 - Elegant Weddings In The Heart Of Metro Manila

City Garden Hotel Makati

March 2014 - City Garden Hotel Makati: Luxury That Fits Your Wedding Budget
September 2013 - All's Well Within Reach for your Wedding at City Garden Hotel Makati
June 2013 - City Garden Hotel Makati's Delectable Wedding Menu

Claiza Bihasa Atelier

March 2014 - Claiza Bihasa Wedding Gowns: Classic, Feminine and Elegant
January 2014 - Finding The One in Your Wedding Gown Designer
December 2013 - For the Love of Lace
September 2013 - Wedding Gowns: You Can Never Go Wrong With A Classic

Concepts and Prints

October 2015 - Concepts and Prints: Find a Better, More Exciting Way of Inviting Guests
October 2013 - Wedding Invitations: The First Impression

CJ Jimenez

January 2017 - With CJ Jimenez, It’s Not Just About Makeup
September 2016 - Achieve Your Dream Bridal Look without Hassle with CJ Jimenez
July 2016 - CJ Jimenez: A Makeup Artist Who Truly Understands
May 2016 - CJ Jimenez: Making Lovely Brides Even Lovelier
February 2016 - CJ Jimenez – Makeup Artist: One that Brings Out the Bride's Beauty
July 2015 - Why Hiring a Professional Makeup Artist Is a Must: Bits of Wisdom From CJ Jimenez
November 2014 - Top 3 Things to Love about CJ Jimenez - Makeup Artist

Crimson Hotel Filinvest City, Manila

December 2016 - Crimson Hotel Filinvest City: A Lovely Wedding Venue in the South
August 2016 - Crimson Hotel Filinvest City: The Hottest Wedding Venue in the South
July 2016 - Your Dream Wedding Awaits You at Crimson Hotel Filinvest City

Crimson Shot Photo and Video Services

June 2015 - How a Creative Team of Photographers Can Make Your Wedding Photos Awesome
March 2015 - The Perks of Choosing Crimson Shot Photo & Video Services
August 2014 - 4 Things to Love about Crimson Shot Photo and Video Services
July 2014 - A Crimson Shot Manual on Posing for Wedding Photos

D'Varcadas Digital Photo and Video Coverage

December 2015 - Why Spend for Wedding Coverage? A Piece of Advice from D�Varcadas Digital Photo and Video Coverage
June 2015 - Have a Wonderful Prenup Photoshoot with D'Varcadas Photo and Video Coverage
May 2015 - Wedding Photo Tips from D'Varcadas Digital Photo and Video Coverage
August 2014 - Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Choose D'Varcadas Digital Photo and Video Coverage
May 2014 - Top 3 Wedding Photography Mistakes and How You can avoid them by Booking D'Varcadas Digital Photo and Video Coverage

Discovery Suites

September 2015 - Discovery Suites: The Perfect Venue For Urban Weddings
August 2015 - Discovery Suites: Redefining Metro Manila Weddings

Daniel Lei Studio

September 2013 - E-Session Workshop: Romantic Engagements Batch 2 Opening!
March 2013 - Concept Driven Wedding Photography and Videography

David and Rachel Boutique

July 2014 - David & Rachel's Take On Finding The Right Bridal Gown
June 2014 - David & Rachel Bridal Boutique: Your One-Stop Wedding Attire Shop
April 2014 - The Search for the Perfect Wedding Gown and How David & Rachel Boutique Help You Win It

Daystar Records Studio

January 2015 - Tips from Daystar Records Studio: Things You Have to Discuss With Your Wedding Photographer and Videographer
October 2014 - Top 3 Things To Love About Daystar Record Studio
March 2014 - Daystar Records Studio: Worth Each Penny
December 2013 - Limited Wedding Photography Budget?
November 2013 - The Smart Choice: Daystar Records Studio
July 2013 - Another Star in Wedding Photography
April 2011 - Affordable Wedding Photos Of Daystar Records Studio

Dominic Barrios Photography

November 2013 - Embracing Old and New Mediums in Wedding Photography
September 2013 - Etching the Memory of your Wedding Through Photography

DigiteyEs Photography

April 2013 - Bringing Joy with Affordable Wedding Photography

Edward Teng Couture

January 2016 - Not Really into Fashion? Don’t Worry; Edward Teng Collection Will Save You
December 2015 - Walk Down the Aisle in an Edward Teng Creation!
December 2015 - Getting the Right Measurements: Tips from Edward Teng
October 2015 - Why You Should Go for Edward Teng
August 2015 - Avoid Panic Buys! Great Wedding Gown Tips from Edward Teng
July 2015 - Edward Teng: Making Every Bride a Superstar
December 2014 - Wedding Dress Fitting Tips From Edward Teng
December 2014 - Find The Right Wedding Dress With Edward Teng
November 2014 - New Breed of Creative Style by Edward Teng
July 2014 - Say Yes To The Perfect Dress With Edward Teng
June 2014 - Choose a Flexible Edward Teng Bridal Gown and be a Worry-free Bride
September 2013 - Ten From Edward Teng
August 2013 - Going Beyond the Ordinary White Wedding Gown
July 2013 - Dressing The Groom: A Practical Guide
September 2012 - The Latest Wedding Gown By Edward Teng
August 2012 - Head Turner Wedding Gowns and Suits
January 2011 - A Passion For Wedding Fashion
March 2009 - Designed For Royalty

Elegant Star

March 2013 - Affordable Elegance in Wedding Photography
September 2012 - Elegant Star Special Wedding Promo
September 2012 - Create Lasting Wedding Memories with Elegant Star

EMC Creative Photography

September 2014 - Prenup Shoot Essentials
August 2014 - 3 Reasons Why You Should Trust EMC Creative Photography
April 2014 - EMC Creative Photography: Making Each Photograph Worth Remembering
April 2013 - Tips and Trends in Wedding Photography
November 2012 - EMC Creative Photography: The Wedding Storytellers

Eugene Martinez Photography

September 2012 - The Art of Love Wedding Photography

Events by Dr Love

August 2013 - The Wedding Planner is In

Eymard Figueroa Studios

March 2014 - Eymard Figueroa: Capturing Enduring Images

Exposure Photo and Video

February 2017 - Exposure Photo & Video: Capturing the Beauty of Weddings, One Shot at a Time
September 2016 - Exposure Photo and Video: Helping Couples Immortalize Precious Moments
May 2016 - Exposure Photo & Video: Preserving Moments to Last a Lifetime
December 2015 - Get the Right Amount of with Exposure Photo & Video
November 2015 - Feel Like A Superstar With Exposure Photo and Video
October 2015 - Val Porras of Exposure Photo and Video Bags Several Awards in WPPP National Online Competition
September 2015 - How to Get Your Dream Wedding Album with Exposure Photo & Video
January 2015 - Making the Most of Your Prenup Shoot With Exposure Photo and Video
November 2014 - Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Exposure Photo & Video
June 2014 - The Wonders of Aerial Photos and Videos According to Val Porras of Exposure Photo and Video
March 2014 - Exposure Digital Photography: Your All-Around Wedding Coverage Partner
January 2013 - Excellence in Laguna Wedding Photography
August 2012 - Honing His Wedding Photography Craft to Perfection

F. Topico Mayuga Photography

December 2012 - Tried and Tested Wedding Photography

Fatima Beltran - Fashion Designer

July 2012 - Wedding Gowns And Bridesmaid Dresses: The Fatima Beltran Touch

Framespersecond Studio

May 2013 - The Wedding Magic of Frames Per Second

Fuego Hotels

June 2011 - Beauty And More In A Wedding And Honeymoon Destination

Gazebo Royale

October 2016 - Gazebo Royale: A Lovely Prenup Shoot Venue in Quezon City
September 2016 - Have a Lovely, Memorable Event at Gazebo Royale!
February 2016 - Gazebo Royale: Beauty and Practicality in One
October 2015 - Hold a Tropical Yuletide Wedding at Gazebo Royale!
June 2015 - Gazebo Royale Holds Grand Food Tasting
May 2015 - Make Your Wedding Reception Extra Special with Gazebo Royale
February 2015 - 3 Things To Love About Gazebo Royale
July 2014 - On Arranging a Great Garden Wedding with Gazebo Royale
July 2014 - Make Your Garden Wedding Special with Gazebo Royale
April 2013 - Gazebo Royale: Redefining the Gazebo Experience
February 2013 - A Rain or Shine Garden Wedding

Ghe Consolacion Event Film Maker

August 2013 - Wedding Videography Par Excellence

Gerard Dacles Photography

October 2010 - Preserving Emotions Through Wedding Photography

Global Condo Concierge

July 2014 - On Things To Do Before The Day With Global Condo Concierge
April 2014 - Global Condo Concierge, Inc. to Help You Have a Fun-Filled, Private, and Hassle-Free Bachelor Party
October 2013 - Your Wedding Needs and More at Global Condo Concierge

Golden Bay Seafood Restaurant

August 2014 - Top 3 Things to Love about Golden Bay Fresh Seafoods Restaurant
June 2014 - Celebrate a Chinese Wedding with Golden Bay Fresh Seafoods Restaurant
May 2014 - 4 Reasons Why You should Treat Your Guests at Golden Bay Fresh Seafoods Restaurant on Your Wedding Day
July 2013 - The Flavor of Marriage: More than a Reception
September 2012 - A Golden Bay Chinese Wedding
February 2012 - Unparalleled Wedding Experience At Golden Bay Seafood Restaurant

Goldilocks Bakeshop

April 2015 - How to Save on Wedding Cakes: Tips from Goldilocks
February 2015 - Finding the Perfect Wedding Cake
January 2015 - Why Choose a Goldilocks Wedding Cake?
January 2015 - Newest Wedding Cakes from Goldilocks
January 2015 - Tips on Choosing the Perfect Goldilocks Wedding Cake
December 2014 - The Magic of Goldilocks Wedding Cakes
October 2014 - Great Wedding Cake Ideas From Goldilocks
October 2014 - Why You Should Get a Goldilocks Wedding Cake
May 2014 - Delightful Wedding Cake Concepts with Goldilocks
May 2013 - Dream Wedding Cake Within Reach
March 2013 - 50 Years with Goldilocks
August 2012 - Luxe Desserts for Weddings
May 2012 - Affordable Deluxe Wedding Cakes

Hang All Memories Digital Production

January 2017 - Hang All Memories Digital Productions: Turning Couples’ Dream Wedding Films into Reality
December 2016 - Hang All Memories: Fun Shoot with Great Results
October 2016 - Hang All Memories Digital Production: Telling the story of your best moments in Hip Cinematic Reels and Stills

Henry Pascual - Event Stylist

October 2016 - Why You Need to Hire Henry Pascual
May 2016 - Turn Your Visions into Reality with Henry Pascual
December 2015 - Celebrate in Style with Henry Pascual Event Stylist
May 2015 - Make Your Wedding A Masterpiece With Henry Pascual
March 2015 - 3 Amazing Wedding Setups By Henry Pascual
March 2015 - Why You Should Hire an Event Stylist like Henry Pascual
July 2013 - Autumn Theme for your June Wedding
September 2012 - A Wedding With Style
May 2011 - Unique Eye In Wedding Styling

HG Studio

May 2017 - HG Studio: The Only One You Need to Make Your Dream Bridal Look Come True
January 2017 - Let HG Studio Help You Look Fresh and Stress-Free on Your Big Day!
February 2016 - HG Studio: Making Brides Confidently Beautiful on their Big Day
February 2016 - Be Picture-Perfect with HG Studio!
December 2015 - Achieve Your Dream Bridal Look With HG Studio
June 2015 - HG Studio's Pointers on Grooming the Groom
May 2015 - Makeup Trial Tips from HG Studio
February 2015 - Preparing for Bridal Makeup: Tips from HG Studio
April 2014 - Reminders for Brides before Make-up
April 2014 - The Woman Behind the Make-up
January 2014 - Airbrush Make-Up 101
December 2012 - Make Up Tips for Brides with Facial Imperfections
October 2012 - The Recipe for Stress Free Bridal Make-up
August 2012 - Make up Tips for Brides with Different Face Shapes
Novemberr 2011 - Naturally Beautiful With HG Studio's Bridal Makeup
January 2011 - HG Studio And The Art Of Bridal Make Up

Hillcreek Gardens Tagaytay

May 2017 - Hillcreek Gardens Tagaytay: Where Intimate Weddings are Extra Special
December 2016 - Intimate and Solemn Weddings at Hillcreek Gardens Tagaytay
July 2016 - Hillcreek Gardens: Your Sanctuary in Tagaytay
April 2016 - Summer Weddings Are Hassle-Free at Hillcreek Gardens Tagaytay
February 2016 - Tagaytay Weddings Made Magical by Hillcreek Gardens Tagaytay
December 2015 - Hillcreek Gardens: Where Dream Weddings Come True, Hassle-Free!
July 2015 - 3 Things to Love about HillCreek Gardens Tagaytay' Three Bridges Event Catering
July 2015 - Hillcreek Gardens Tagaytay's Three Bridges Events Catering: Making Events More Special
September 2014 - Hillcreek Gardens: Redefining Wedding Gardens
August 2014 - Hillcreek Gardens Tagaytay: Garden Wedding at its Finest
May 2014 - 4 Reasons Why Tying the Knot in a Venue like Hillcrest Gardens Tagaytay is a Great Idea
April 2013 - A Dream Tagaytay Garden Wedding

Hizon's Catering Services

May 2017 - Hizon’s Catering: Taking Wedding Celebrations a Notch Higher
February 2017 - Hizon’s Catering: Setting the Bar High in the Wedding Catering Business
November 2016 - Hizon’s Catering Holds Wedding Tour
July 2016 - Hizon’s Catering: A Caterer You Can Trust
June 2016 - Hizon’s Catering: Engineering Happiness through Great Food
April 2016 - Hizon’s Catering: Making Celebrations Extra Special
March 2016 - Let Hizon’s Catering Show You How Not to be a Bridezilla
January 2016 - Win a Honeymoon Trip to Paris
January 2016 - How You Can Benefit from Hizon Catering's 'Insights from 1,588 Weddings a Year'
December 2015 - Hizon's Catering: Proven and Tested When It Comes to Food Service and More!
December 2015 - Download Hizon's - A Comprehensive Guide to Planning Your Wedding
July 2015 - Making Weddings More Memorable With Hizon's Catering
July 2015 - On Choosing the Meals for Your Wedding: A Primer by Hizon's Catering
May 2015 - Things to Consider When Deciding on Food
April 2015 - Things to Figure Out Before Booking a Caterer
March 2015 - Choosing a Good Wedding Caterer: Tips from Hizon's Catering
December 2014 - Hizon's Catering: A Showbiz Taste for Your Wedding
November 2014 - How To Have More Epic Wedding Celebration with Hizon's Catering
September 2014 - 3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Good Caterer like Hizon's
June 2014 - Hizon's Catering Beyond Expectations
September 2013 - Deliciously Beautiful by Hizon's Catering
May 2013 - Win Your Dream Wedding Promo 2.0 From Hizon's Catering
February 2013 - Hizon's Catering Grand Food Tasting Experience
December 2012 - Dream Weddings Do Come True
September 2012 - The Wedding Feast: A Serious Business
August 2012 - Hizon's Catering Win-a-Wedding Promo
February 2012 - Hizon's Catering Win-a-Wedding Winner
February - March 2011 - The Perfect Wedding Service
September 2009 - A Glimpse and Taste Of Your Wedding

Holy Land

May 2013 - Sharing Love with a Piece of the Holy Land
October 2012 - Good Tidings from the Holy Land
September 2012 - Special Wedding Discounts from the Holy Land

Honey Glaze Cakes

March 2014 - The One-Two-Three-Four of Wedding Cakes
October 2013 - Wedding Cake Priorities: Taste Or Design?
March 2013 - More Than Just A Piece Of Cake

Hotel H2O

February 2014 - For the Love of H2O
July 2013 - Wedding in Atlantis: Hotel H2O
July 2013 - A Unique Manila Bay Wedding Experience

Hotel Stotsenberg

June 2013 - Get Married and More at the Hotel Stotsenberg

House of Zeal Hair and Makeup Specialists

February 2017 - House of Zeal: No Heavy Makeup, Just a More Polished You
October 2016 - House of Zeal: Bringing Out the Best in Brides
August 2016 - House of Zeal: Every Bride’s Best Friend
July 2016 - House of Zeal: Transforming Brides through Talent and Passion

Ibarra's Party Venues & Catering Services

May 2017 - Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Attend Food Tasting Events of Ibarra’s
March 2017 - You Can Still Join Ibarra’s ‘Win My Dream Wedding 2017’!
March 2017 - Ibarra’s Holds Grand Food Tasting, Reveals Newest Party Venue
January 2017 - Ibarra’s Party Venues & Catering Specialist: Making Every Wedding Count
January 2017 - Ibarra’s Party Venues & Catering Specialist: The Only Superbrands Accredited Venue and Caterer in the Country
November 2016 - Ibarra’s Garden Celebrates 15th Anniversary, Holds Grand Food Tasting Event
September 2016 - Have an Amazing, Hassle-Free Wedding Celebration with Ibarra’s Party Venues and Catering Specialist
July 2016 - Get Amazing Deals with Ibarra’s Party Venues & Catering Services
February 2016 - Find the Perfect Ibarra’s Party Venue for You!
December 2015 - Lovely and Hassle-Free Weddings with Ibarra's Party Venues and Catering Services
November 2015 - What You Need Most For A Perfect Wedding
October 2015 - Say Hello To Hassle-Free Weddings
August 2015 - Pulling Off a Perfect Wedding with Ibarra's Party Venues and Catering Specialists
June 2015 - Get Exciting Discounts With Ibarra's Loyalty card!
April 2015 - Ibarra's Grand Food Tasting: A Night Of Great Music And Unforgettable Tastes
March 2015 - Villa Ibarra Gets DOT Accreditation
February 2015 - Win a Trip for 2 to Macau!
February 2015 - Ibarra is Recognized as One of the Superbrands
December 2014 - Why Weddings Are More Memorable at Plaza Ibarra
November 2014 - Beautiful and Convenient Weddings with Ibarra's
October 2014 - Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Villa Ibarra
September 2014 - Turn Your Dream City Wedding at Bella Ibarra
September 2014 - Battle the Tagaytay Cold With Love and Ibarra's Party Venues
April 2014 - Ibarra's Four Big Offerings
June 2013 - How Ibarra Party Venues Can Fit Right In Your Wedding
May 2013 - I Like to Wed at Ibarra's!
July 2012 - The Finest In Tagaytay Weddings: Villa Ibarra
August 2011 - All-In-One Wedding Package
April 2011 - Affordable Wedding Venues In Metro Manila
January 2010 - To Have... But Where To Hold?

Ideia Photography

May 2013 - Ideia's New Photo Idea
January 2013 - The Idea and the Men Behind Ideia Photography
October 2012 - Portrait Wedding Photography Tips from Ideia Photography

iLaWoD Digital Studio

December 2016 - Have Better Wedding Photos with iLaWoD Digital Studio!
December 2016 - Have Wedding Photos to Treasure Forever with iLaWoD Digital Studio!
November 2015 - iLaWoD Digital Studio�s Tips on What to Look for in a Wedding Photographer
March 2015 - The Advantages of Choosing iLaWoD Digital Studio

Imagine Nation Photography

May 2011 - Glorifying God Through Wedding Photography
July - August 2010 - Unity In Diversity

Iris Lee

September 2014 - The Perks of Hiring Iris Lee
September 2014 - Iris Lee's Pointers in Getting Good Makeup
June 2014 - Achieving the Perfect Bridal Look with Iris Lee

Isnap Creatives Inc.

September 2013 - Your Wedding in a Snap

Jardin de Miramar

June 2013 - Free Antipolo Wedding with Jardin de Miramar
May 2013 - A Rustic Garden Wedding Only Minutes Away from the Metro
- Book a Garden Wedding Venue, Win a Garden Wedding!
September 2012 - Jardin de Miramar: Weekday Garden Wedding Promo
August 2012 - Jardin de Miramar: Prenuptial Tips and the Perfect Promo
October 2011 - Antipolo's Pre "I Do" Photography Venue
January 2011 - A True Garden Wedding Experience
November 2009 - Antipolo's Enchanting Garden Spot

JK Cake Loft

October 2015 - Joanne's Kitchen (JK Cake Loft): Delicious Cakes That Look So Good

Josephine Restaurant

January 2015 - 3 Things to Love About Josephine's Restaurant
January 2015 - Start Your Wedding on a High Note with Josephine Restaurant
April 2014 - Josephine Restaurant: Make Your Tagaytay Wedding Truly Memorable through a Dining Experience
You and Your Loved-ones will Never Forget
May 2013 - A Garden Tagaytay Wedding in the Sky

Joy Benamera

December 2015 - Choosing Your Makeup Artist: Tips from Joy Benamera
October 2015 - Joy Benamera: The Makeup Artist You Deserve to Have on Your Wedding Day

Juan Carlo The Caterer

June 2012 - Juan Carlo, The Caterer's Secret Wedding Ingredients
September 2011 - From Impression To Perfection
May 2011 - The Wedding Caterer For The Discerning Palate

Julio's Catering

January 2013 - A Scrumptious Wedding Package
March 2012 - Julio's Catering: Beyond Good Wedding Food

Kaycee Lim Makeup

April 2014 - Less is More: Kaycee Lim's Beauty Mantra to Save Brides from Makeup Disasters
May 2013 - 5-Minute Bridal Beauty Tip

Keonsalon Make Up Studio

March 2014 - Keon Salon: Competitive As Ever
July 2013 - Do's and Don'ts of Pre-Nuptial Make-Up

Knotville Favors

August 2013 - Knot Just Knick Knacks

Kristins Steaks R us Restaurant & Catering Services

September 2015 - 3 Things to Love About Kristins Steaks R Us Restaurant & Catering Services
May 2014 - Kristins Steaks R us Restaurant & Catering Services: Letting People Indulge in Meaty Goodness on their Special Days

Lindsay Makeup Artistry

December 2016 - Lindsay Lin: Saving Brides from Makeup Disasters
August 2016 - Turn Your Dream Bridal Look into Reality with Lindsay Lin!
June 2015 - Things to Ask Your Makeup Artist: Tips From Lindsay Lin
May 2015 - Practical Bridal Makeup Tips from Lindsay MakeUp
October 2014 - Feel Like A Princess With Lindsay Lin
September 2014 - Why Hiring a Pro Makeup Artist Like Lindsay Lin is a Must
March 2014 - Lindsay Lin: More Than Just A Makeup Expert
November 2013 - An Extra Wedding Best Friend

Lizzie Oren Makeup Artistry

June 2014 - Achieve a Stunning Bridal Look with Award-Winning Lizzie Oren

Luxent Hotel

May 2017 - Luxent Hotel: A Great Wedding Venue in Quezon City

M Catering & Fine Foods

February 2015 - Tips From M Catering and Fine Foods: 3 Questions to Ask Your Caterer
January 2015 - Top 3 Reasons to Choose M Catering and Fine Foods
October 2013 - M Catering's Magnificent Wedding Desserts
July 2013 - Wedding Catering for the Filipino Palate: M Catering & Fine Foods

Makeup By Edz Plotnikov

October 2016 - Makeup by Edz Plotnikov: Highlighting Pinay Beauty One Brush Stroke at a Time
May 2016 - Achieve a Timeless Bridal Look with Makeup by Edz Plotnikov
January 2016 - Be Confidently Beautiful with Makeup by Edz Plotnikov
November 2015 - Edz Plotnikov Every Bride's Best Friend
June 2015 - Why Hiring a Pro is a Must: Tips from Edz Plotnikov
April 2015 - Preparing for Bridal Makeup Application: Tips from Edz Plotnikov
March 2015 - What to Bring During Makeup Trial Sessions: Tips from Edz Plotnikov
September 2014 - Makeup Trial Tips from Edz Plotnikov
August 2014 - Why you should hire a professional makeup artist like Edz Plotnikov
June 2014 - Look Good in Person and On Cam with Edz Plotnikov
July 2013 - Wedding Day Make-Up: Not Ready to Face the Altar?
November 2012 - Natural Bridal Beauty Tips by Edz Plotnikov

Make up By Faye Young

June 2014 - The Wonders of Airbrush Makeup According to Faye Young
March 2014 - Bridal Make-Up as an Art, a Science and a Service
November 2013 - The Success of a Make Up Artist: Faye Young

Make up By Marjorie

June 2013 - A Special Treat from Bridal Makeup Artistry by Marjorie

Manila Prime Studio

October 2011 - Price-LESS Wedding Photos

Mara M. Dizon Style and Fashion

October 2016 - Mara M. Dizon: Helping Wonderful, Practical Pinay Brides
October 2016 - Mara M. Dizon: Celebrating the Diversity of Pinay Beauty through Wedding Dresses
May 2016 - Put an End to Your Search for the Perfect Dress with Mara M. Dizon Style and Fashion
April 2016 - Mara M. Dizon: Making Brides Stand Out in Perfect Wedding Dresses
August 2015 - Mara M. Dizon: Making Brides Look and Feel Good With Cleverly Crafted Wedding Dresses
June 2015 - Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Dress: Tips from Mara Dizon
March 2015 - Wedding Dress Fitting from Mara Dizon
September 2014 - Mara M. Dizon's Three Pointers on Choosing a Wedding Dress
August 2014 - Stunning Wedding Dresses by Mara M. Dizon
December 2013 - The Wedding Fashion Mother and Daughter Tandem

Marco Polo Plaza Cebu

July 2014 - Turn Your Reception Into A Grand Festival With Marco Polo Plaza Cebu
June 2014 - Turn Your Dream Cebu Wedding into Reality with Marco Polo Plaza Cebu
April 2014 - Marco Polo Cebu: Hotel Wedding Reception to Make Your Cebu Wedding Hassle-Free
January 2013 - Five Star Cebu Wedding Packages


August 2013 - Wedding Margaritas in a Rush

Mavie Events Management

May 2017 - Mavie Events Management: Bringing Out the Best in Each Event
February 2017 - Make the Most of Every Second with Mavie Events Management
June 2016 - Enjoy on Your Wedding Day with Mavie Events Management
May 2016 - Mavie Events Management: Your Wedding Planning Hero
February 2016 - Spend Your Energy the Right Way: Choose Mavie Events Management!
November 2015 - How to Get Married Without Breaking the Bank: Practical Tips from Mavie Events Management
December 2014 - How to Start Planning Your Wedding This New Year
November 2014 - Wedding Planning Tips from Ms. Mavreen Macalindong of Mavie Events Management
August 2014 - Mavie Events Management More Than Just Wedding Coordination

Memento Events Management Services

May 2016 - Memento Events Management Services: Ideal for Busy Brides and Grooms
August 2015 - Enjoy a Momentous Occasion with Memento Events Management Services
June 2015 - Memento Events Management Services: Not Your Ordinary Wedding Planning Team
October 2014 - The Advantages of Choosing Memento Events Management Services

Max's Restaurant

January - February 2011 - Celebrating Memorable Weddings

Merlene Marcelo Couture

March 2014 - What to Ask Your Wedding Gown Designer
August 2013 - Wardrobe Malfunction: Preventing Wedding Dress Mishaps
July 2013 - Name Your Price Promo Wedding Gowns and Suits
February 2013 - The Perfect Princess Wedding Gown Fit
November 2012 - Merlene Marcelo: The Traveling Designer
June 2012 - The Merlene Marcelo Bride Experience
October 2011 - The Complementing Groom's Attire
April 2010 - Work Of Art In A Bridal Gown

Metrotech LCD Projector Rental Services

October 2013 - Metrotech: The One-Stop AudioVisual Shop for your Wedding

Monina E Events and Marketing

February 2017 - Monina E Events and Marketing: Making Brides’ Wishes Come True
May 2016 - Monina E Events and Marketing: Every Bride’s Lifesaver
March 2016 - Monina E Events and Marketing: A Real Lifesaver
November 2015 - The Key To Unforgettable Weddings
November 2015 - 3 Signs that You Need a Wedding Planner
September 2015 - Be a Hassle-Free Bride With Monina E Events and Marketing
April 2015 - Questions to Ask a Wedding Coordinator: Tips from Monina E
June 2014 - Make Your Spouse-to-be Happy with MONINA E
May 2014 - Why You Should Hire Planners like Monina E Events and Marketing for Your Wedding
December 2012 - The Ultimate Wedding Planner: Monina E Events and Marketing

My Avenue Wines

September 2013 - Marriage in a Bottle

Nelson Portales Fotos & Films

January 2012 - The Passionate Wedding Photographer

New Creation Fashion By Evelyn G. Guerrero

March 2017 - New Creation Fashion: Creating Lovely Wedding Gowns and More
June 2016 - New Creation Fashion: Making Lovely Pinay Brides Even Lovelier
March 2016 - Find the Perfect Summer Wedding Dress for You! New Creation Fashion by Evelyn Guerrero
February 2016 - New Creation Fashion’s Tips on Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress
August 2015 - Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress: Trips from Ms. Evelyn Guerrero of New Creation Fashion
February 2015 - Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress: Tips from Creation Fashion
May 2014 - Wedding Dress Fitting 101: Do your Best and Evelyn Guerrero of New Creation Do the Rest!
November 2013 - Laguna Pride, World Class Wedding Fashion

Nice Print Photography

November 2016 - Turn Your Dream Photoshoot into Reality at The Concept Room Studio!
August 2016 - Some of the Most Memorable Nice Print Celebrity Wedding Photos
July 2016 - Each Wedding Photo is For Keeps with Nice Print Photography & Exige Weddings!
May 2016 - Have Amazing Photos Anywhere With Nice Print Photography & Exige Weddings!
April 2016 - Nice Print Photography and Exige Weddings: Stars' Favorite
December 2015 - Nice Print Photography and Exige Weddings: Capturing Moments That Last Forever
September 2015 - Get the NicePrint Mobile App Now!
August 2015 - Nice Print Photography's List of Bankable Couple Shots
July 2015 - Why Couples Love Nice Print Photography
May 2015 - Top 3 Things We Love About John Prats and Isabel Oli's Wedding
April 2015 - LOOK: John Prats and Isabel Oli in Their Four Seasons of Love Prenup Photos
March 2015 - Celebrity Prenup Photos
December 2014 - Get Star Quality Images With Nice Print Photography
August 2014 - More Than Just Photographs
August 2014 - Nice Print Photography
July 2014 - Themed Weddings And Nice Photography: How To Pull It off
October 2013 - Nice Print's Mobile Wedding App
June 2013 - Epic Engagement Sessions
August 2012 - 15 Countries, 4 Continents and A Lifetime to Conquer the Rest: Charisse Tinio and Nice Print Photography
February 2011 - Wedding Fit For Stars
November 2009 - Printing to Perfection

Nowellyn Pahanel Beauty Salon

December 2016 - Flawless Bridal Look? Possible at Nowellyn Pahanel Salon!
November 2016 - Achieve Your Dream Bridal Look at Nowellyn Pahanel Beauty Salon!
October 2016 - Highlight Your Best Features with the help of Norwellyn Pahanel

NST Pictures

November 2016 - NST Pictures: Redefining Wedding Films
May 2016 - NST Pictures: The Expert in Wedding Cinematography

One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites

May 2013 - One Tagaytay Place for Weddings
April 2013 - One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites Presents Affordable Wedding Packages

Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg Center Manila

November 2015 - Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg Center Manila: The Place to Be for Your Wedding
September 2015 - Make Your Dream Wedding a Reality with Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Center Manila
August 2015 - Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Center: Redefining Metro Manila Weddings
June 2015 - Gino and Cindy's Dream Wedding at Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg Center Manila

Osio's Catering

August 2016 - 3 Questions to Ask Your Caterer: Tips from Osio’s Catering
August 2016 - Turn Your Dream Wedding Banquet into Reality with Osio’s Catering!
July 2016 - Osio’s Catering: Couples’ Newest Favorite Caterer

Paloma Photography

August 2016 - Paloma Photography: Making a Difference through Wedding Photography
July 2016 - Paloma Photography: Continuing the Tradition of Excellence
March 2016 - Paloma Photography: Timeless, Elegant
July 2015 - Paloma Photography: Capturing the Beauty of Iloilo Weddings
March 2015 - The Magic of Paloma Photography Photos
February 2015 - 3 Things To Love About Paloma Photography
June 2014 - On Preserving the Best of Your Wedding with Paloma Photography
May 2014 - Tips on Finding Trustworthy Studios like Paloma Photography
January 2014 - Capturing I Do's and Beyond
July 2013 - Paloma's Personal Touch in Wedding Photoraphy
May 2011 - Iloilo's Benchmark in Wedding Photography

Paulo Sia Studios

July 2014 - On Choosing The Right Photographer With Paulo Sia
June 2014 - Paulo Sia Photography: Great Photos Served as Hot as Your Favorite Meal
April 2013 - Create the Perfect Wedding Album
January 2013 - A Wedding Photographer to a Family Photographer
May 2012 - An Immortal Wedding Gift From Paulo Sia Photography
January - February 2011 - Art in Wedding Photography

Petticoat Wedding Shop And Events

December 2016 - Weddings are Lovelier with Petticoat Wedding Shop and Events!
November 2016 - Beautiful, Hassle-Free Wedding? Petticoat Wedding Shop and Events Has Got You Covered!

PDALCORE Bridal Events

April 2011 - Hassle-Free Wedding Planning In Bacolod

Phases N Faces Photography

May 2017 - Phases and Faces Digital Photography: Making Every Special Moment Count
December 2016 - Immortalize Priceless #YOLO Moments with Phases and Faces Digital Photography!
August 2016 - Phases and Faces Photography: Where Talent, Skills, Imagination, and Passion Meet
March 2016 - Phases and Faces Photography: Movements and Emotions Captured the Right Way
October 2015 - Phases N Faces Photography: The Best Photographers for Your Wedding
October 2014 - Phases and Faces: World Class Photogprahy
September 2014 - Phases and Faces: A Decade of Excellence
July 2014 - Making the Perfect Wedding Video with Phases N Faces
May 2014 - Phases N Faces: First-rate Wedding Photography
June 2013 - Bringing Creativity, Flexibility and Tradition to your Wedding

Photogenics Studio

January 2016 - Photogenics: The One You Need for an Awesome Wedding Film
April 2015 - Rediscovering Philippines in Photogenics Studio's Wedding Films
October 2014 - The Perks of Choosing Photogenics
June 2014 - Photogenics Studios: From Almost Zero To Becoming Couples Heroes


August 2013 - Soulful Renderings for your Wedding by Pillowcase

Piñaflor (Simply Rockflower)

June 2012 - Piña In Modern Filipino Weddings
May 2011 - Keeping The Traditional Philippine Wedding Gown Alive

Planta Centro Bacolod Hotel and Residences

August 2015 - Planta Centro Bacolod: Your Wedding Destination in the City of Smiles
March 2015 - Planta Centro: A Perfect Wedding Venue in Bacolod
May 2014 - Things to consider when choosing a venue and how Planta Centro Bacolod Hotel and Residences can help you decide
October 2013 - Bacolod Wedding Opulence and Charm in Planta Centro

Pong Niu Makeup Artist

July 2014 - Pong Niu's Picks for Great Bridal Looks
April 2014 - Bridal Makeup 101: Finding the Right Makeup Artist for You
May 2013 - Glam and Fabulous with Makeup by Pong Niu

Professional Organizers Unlimited Inc.

August 2016 - Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Professional Organizers Unlimited Inc.

Pryce Plaza Hotel

July 2014 - The Magic of Hotel Weddings at Pryce Plaza
April 2014 - Enjoy your Priceless Moment at Pryce Plaza Hotel

Queensland Catering Services

February 2016 - Dine in Style with Queensland Catering Services!
April 2015 - 3 Instagram-Perfect Wedding Table Setups by Queensland Catering
February 2015 - Top 3 Things to Love about Queensland Catering
July 2014 - Queensland's List of Great Wedding Food
April 2014 - Feel like a Queen on Your Wedding Day with Queensland Catering
April 2013 - Wedding Caterer For The 'Sigurista' Brides

Rachebeli Inc.

August 2013 - Local Flavors for your Wedding Favors

Rizza Mae Aganap Makeup Artistry

June 2014 - Celebrate True Beauty on Your Big Day with Rizza Mae Aganap
April 2014 - Don't Make Up Excuses; Let a Professional Makeup Artist like Rizza Mae Aganap Do the Job for You
August 2013 - For the Love of Makeup Artistry

Ruffa and Mike Photography

November 2012 - Life, Love and Wedding Photography

Roland Jumawan Photography

August - September 2010 - Going The Distance

Saintz Photographs

January 2013 - Wedding Photography by the Saintz

Santiago Alfonso Fotografia

June 2016 - Have an Amazing SDE with Santiago Alfonso Fotografia!
June 2016 - Your Memorabilia Are Safe With Santiago Alfonso Fotografia!
June 2016 - Santiago Alfonso Fotografia: Making Every Moment Matter
February 2016 - Santiago Alfonso Fotografia: Capturing Images That Are Worth Treasuring Forever
January 2015 - Santiago Alfonso Fotografia To SG
December 2014 - Santiago Alfonso Fotografia Tips: What to Ask Your Photographer
November 2014 - The Magic of Santiago Alfonso Fotografia
April 2014 - Santiago Alfonso Fotografia: One-of-a-kind Wedding Coverage
July 2013 - The Candid and the Contrived in Santiago Alfonso's Wedding Photography
September 2012 - A Wedding Photography Journey

Sensitivity Lights and Sounds

December 2015 - The Best Wedding Songs of 2015
November 2015 - Sensitivity Lights and Sounds: The Secret To Epic Celebrations
August 2015 - Sensitivity Lights and Sounds: Making Fairy Tale Weddings Come True
June 2015 - Make Your Wedding Extraordinary With Sensitivity Lights and Sounds!
April 2015 - Advantages of Proper Event Lighting
April 2014 - Sensitivity Lights and Sounds: Raising the Level of Performance
March 2014 - How to Pull Off a Successful Wedding Production
August 2013 - Light and Sound for your Wedding Day

Sitio Elena Venue Place

October 2016 - Get Closer to Nature on Your Wedding Day!
October 2016 - Sitio Elena: An Elegant Prenup Location near Metro Manila
July 2015 - Have a Hassle-Free Wedding at Sitio Elena Venue Place
June 2015 - Choosing a Venue: Tips from Sitio Elena Venue Place
September 2014 - 3 Things to Love about Sitio Elena
August 2014 - Sitio Elena Venue Place: A Beautiful Garden that's Simply Within Reach
July 2014 - Sitio Elena: A Venue for Dream Weddings

SKT Digital Productions

November 2012 - A Trusted Brand in Negros Wedding Photography

Smart Shot Studio

March 2017 - Wedding Photographer Lito Genilo in Action
July 2016 - Download the Smart Shot iOS App Now!
April 2016 - Love in Motion: Smart Shot Studio’s Amazing Wedding Videos
April 2016 - Smart Shot Studio: Telling Love Stories the Way They Should be Told
December 2015 - Smart Shot Studio: Bringing Out the Best in Every Wedding
October 2015 - Lito Genilo of Smart Shot Studio Bags another WPPP Award
September 2015 - Smart Shot Studio Wedding App: Your Memories Right at Your Fingertips
September 2015 - On Hiring the Right Wedding Photographer: Tips from Smart Shot Studio
August 2015 - Having Creative Wedding Photos With Smart Shot Studios
July 2015 - Smart Shot Studio: Highlighting the Beauty in Every Wedding
March 2015- Top 5 Things to Love about Smart Shot Studio's Photos
November 2014 - Top 3 Things to Love About Smart Shot Studio
June 2014 - Is Your Wedding Photographer a Credible Businessman? Know the answers from Lito Genilo of Smart Shot Studio
May 2014 - Relive Your Big Day Over and Over with Smart Photos from Smart Shot Studio
February 2014 - Lito Genilo of Smart Shot Studio Listed as "Master of WPPI"
September 2013 - Challenging Conventional Wedding Photography
June 2013 - Smart Locations for US Engagement Sessions
April 2013 - Lito Genilo Wins Again in WPPI 2013 Photo Competition
March 2013 - Romantic Destination Photos for Your Wedding
January 2013 - International Wedding Photographer Lito Genilo in Las Vegas this March 2013!
November 2012 - Breathtaking Weddings
July 2012 - What About Wedding Videos?
February 2011 - A World-Class Act In Wedding Photography
May 2009 - Feeling At Home In Foreign Ground

Studio1 Photography

August 2015 - Making the Most of Your Studio1 Experience
June 2015 - Remembering Your Wedding Vividly With Studio1 Photography
February 2015 - 3 Things to Love about Studio1 Photography

Studio A Photography

March 2014 - Studio A Photography: Keeping the Focal Point
November 2013 - Tips for a Successful E-Session
September 2013 - A-Class Wedding Photography
April 2012 - A Wedding Photographer's Promise
June 2010 - Devoted To Details
September - October 2010 - Giving Weddings A Personal Touch

Studio Namu

May 2017 - Turn Your Koreanovela Dreams into Reality at Studio Namu!
May 2017 - Make Every Moment Count at Studio Namu!
February 2017 - Studio Namu’s Most Affordable Wedding Photo Video Package
December 2016 - Studio Namu: Bigger, Better, and More Fun
November 2016 - Say Hello to the Bigger and Better Studio Namu!
March 2016 - What’s New at Studio Namu?
February 2016 - Studio Namu: Quality Photo and Video Services at Reasonable Rates
January 2016 - They've Got It All Studio Namu Is The Total Wedding Photography Team
December 2015 - What You Need for a Hassle-Free E-Session and Wedding Coverage
October 2015 - Making Your Prenup Shoot Beautiful with Studio Namu
July 2015 - How to Make the Most of Your Studio Namu Experience
June 2015 - Things To Look Forward To At Studio Namu
March 2015 - Top 3 Advantages of Studio Namu
December 2014- On Making Your Engagement Photo Shoot Great with Studio Namu
November 2014- Couples Get a Free Prenup Session and More during #30DaysToLove Eyeball
October 2014- Why Celebrities Love Studio Namu
October 2014 - Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Studio Namu
March 2014 - Studio Namu Photography: Indoor Studio Photography at its Best
October 2013 - Studio Namu: Your Prenup Dollhouse
September 2013 - Celebrities are flocking to Studio Namu!
August 2013 - My Favorite STUDIO NAMU Prenup!
February 2013 - A Korean Photography Studio for the Stars
November 2012 - Effortlessly Beautiful Prenup at Studio Namu
September 2012 - Studio Namu Prenuptial Giveaway

Subic Grand Seas Resort

February 2017 - Turn Your Dream Beach Wedding into Reality at Subic Grand Seas Resort!


March 2015 - Why Choose Sunjewel Wedding Rings
August 2014 - A Guide to Finding the Perfect Sunjewel Engagement Ring
June 2014 - How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Sunjewel Wedding Rings for You
March 2014 - The Beginner's Guide to Choosing Wedding Rings
January 2014 - Finding Forever in Diamonds

Sweet Harmony Gardens

February 2015 - 3 More Things to Love About Sweet Harmony Gardens
January 2015 - 3 Reasons to Choose Sweet Harmony Gardens
April 2014 - Sweet Harmony Gardens: Giving Variety to the Wedding Banquet
March 2014 - A Harmony of Venues at Sweet Harmony Gardens
September 2012 - Sweet Deals from Sweet Harmony Gardens
September 2011 - Wedding Fantasy And Affordability In Sweet Harmony

Taal Vista Hotel

December 2016 - Make Your Wedding More Memorable at Taal Vista Hotel!
October 2016 - Make Your Dream Wedding Come True at Taal Vista Hotel!

Team Sir George Salon

May 2017 - Get Hassle-Free Bridal Beauty Services with Team Sir George Salon

The Buffet International Cuisine

February 2016 - Have a Wedding Banquet You Will Never Forget at The Buffet!
August 2015 - Top 3 Things To Love About The Buffet
November 2014 - Why The Buffet International Cuisine is the Best Location for Your Wedding Reception

The Royal Caterer

January 2016 - The Royal Caterer: Serving Dishes that Create Good Impressions
August 2015 - The Royal Caterer: Taking Every Wedding Banquet a Notch Higher
June 2015 - Feel Like A Royalty With The Royal Caterer
December 2014 - Why Choose The Royal Caterer

Thunderbird Resorts

November 2013 - Have your Mediterranean-themed Wedding in Thunderbird Resorts, La Union
June 2013 - Thunderbird Resorts Rizal: Idyllic Destination Wedding Escape

Timeless Weddings And Events

April 2015 - Make Your Wedding Beautiful and Timeless With Timeless Weddings and Events

Treasured Banquets and Catering Services

October 2015 - Treasured Banquets Events and Catering Services: The Key to a Hassle-Free Tagaytay Wedding

Treasured Memories Productions

January 2017 - Treasured Memories Productions: Giving Your Every Penny’s Worth
December 2016 - Tell Your Love Story in a Fun Way with Treasured Memories
June 2015 - Have Exciting Photos With Treasured Memories
May 2015 - Turn Your Wedding into Vibrant Memories With Treasured Memories
January 2015 - 3 Things to Love About Treasured Memories
October 2014 - Treasure Your Memories The Right Way Through Treasured Memories
January 2014 - A Decade Filled With Treasured Memories Productions
December 2013 - Capturing Treasured Memories With Aerial Videography
August 2013 - Adapting To Change With Infrared Photography
December 2012 - A Wedding Treasure: Photographs and Videos

The Indigo Strokes

June 2014 - Pro Makeup Tips by The Indigo Strokes for Beautiful Brides
May 2014 - The Perks of Hiring a Professional Makeup Artist like Jan Nicole Uy of The Indigo Strokes
August 2013 - Rainy Wedding Day Look to Match the Season
December 2012 - Radiant Bridal Beauty With The Indigo Strokes

Timberland Sports and Nature Club

November 2015 - Timberland Sports and Nature Club: Making Weddings Magical
August 2015 - Celebrate With Nature at Timberland Sports and Nature Club
March 2015 - Why Tie the Knot at Timberland Sports and Nature Club?

V-Gem Jewelry

January 2017 - Choosing the Right Engagement Ring: Tips from V-Gem Jewelry
October 2016 - V-Gem Jewelry: Creating Wedding Rings that Last Forever
June 2016 - About to Pop the Question? Buy a Ring from V-Gem Jewelry!
June 2016 - Mark the Start of Your Forever with V-Gem Jewelry
February 2016 - V-Gem Jewelry: Let Your Forever Start with a Quality Pair of Rings
January 2016 - Why Invest in V-Gem Wedding Rings?
October 2015 - V-Gem Jewelry: There is Forever in Quality Wedding Rings!
January 2015 - Why You Should Enjoy the V-Gem Advantage
October 2014 - 3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in V-Gem Wedding Rings
June 2014 - The Advantage of V-Gem Custom Wedding Rings

Velada Estate

August 2011 - Intimacy, Modernity, Artistry In An Antipolo Wedding Venue
June 2011 - Celebrating Your Happy Ever-After
July - August 2010 - Like Having A Wedding At Home

Vignette Photography

September 2016 - Vignette Photography: Taking Wedding Photos to a Whole New Level
August 2016 - Let Vignette Photography Capture Your Happily Ever After!
July 2016 - Preserve Memories the Cool Way with Vignette Photography
May 2016 - Catch Vignette Photography in Singapore from July 29 to August 3, 2016!
May 2016 - The Magic of Vignette Photography
January 2016 - Vignette Photography: Taking Wedding Photos the Way You Want them to Be
December 2015 - Show You Love with the Help of Vignette Photography
December 2015 - Vignette Photography Opens New Photo Studio in Cainta
October 2015 - Vignette Photography's Danny Ignacio wins another WPPP Award
August 2015 - Preparing for your Prenup Shoot: Tips from Vignette Photography
July 2015 - Showing the Unique Side of Every Wedding
June 2015 - Vignette Photography: Making Wedding Photos More Spectacular
April 2015 - Vignette Photography Goes to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Singapore
March 2015 - Why Go for a Destination Wedding?
September 2014 - Vignette Photography's Tips on Posing for Wedding Photos
September 2014 - Cool Prenup Shoot Ideas from Vignette Photography
September 2014 - 3 Things To Ask a Wedding Photographer
May 2014 - Vignette Photography's Bogs Ignacio Shares Tips on Finding the Right Photographer
April 2014 - Vignette Photography: Habitually Excellent, Habitually Learning
October 2013 - Vignette Photography All Set for WPPI 2014
August 2013 - Vignette Photography: Set-up for Pre-nup in Australia
April 2013 - Bogs Ignacio and the Magic of Infrared Wedding Photography
January 2013 - Catch Award Winning Photographer Bogs Ignacio in Las Vegas this March 2013!
November 2012 - Wedding Photography Excellence
July 2012 - Unrivaled Father-Son Tandem in Wedding Photography
February - March 2011 - Wedding Artistry In The Genes
July 2010 - A Vignette Of Special Memories
July 2009 - Transcending and Adapting The New Face Of Photography

Wilfoto Photo.Video

January 2016 - Wilfoto Photo.Video Capturing Priceless Moment That Last Forever
November 2015 - Finding the Right Photographer and Videographer: Tips from Wilfoto Photo.Video
May 2015 - Top 3 Things to Love About the Works of Wilfoto Photo.Video

Widus Convention Center

December 2015 - Widus Hotel and Casino Your Home In The North
May 2015 - Make Your Pampanga Wedding More Memorable With Widus Hotel and Casino
June 2014 - 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Widus Hotel and Casino for your Wedding
August 2012 - Celebrate Your Wedding at Widus Convention Center

Widus Hotel and Casino

May 2017 - Widus Hotel and Casino: Your Happiness and Comfort Matter Here!
February 2017 - Enjoy Wedding Packages with Amazing Inclusions at Widus Hotel and Casino!

Xsight Photography

March 2010 - Extraordinary Wedding Storytelling

Ysabelle's Bridal Shop

September 2014 - Ysabelle's Bridal: Affordable quality wedding attires and more!
January 2014 - Spotlight on Grooms
October 2012 - Making Dream Wedding Gowns and Suits Affordable
December 2011 - Designed To Be Great: Bacolod's Ysabelle's Bridal Shop

Ysabelle's Digital Photography

May 2016 - Every Moment Counts With Ysabelle's Digital Photography and Videography Services
April 2015 - Why Have a Photo Booth During Your Wedding Reception?
February 2015 - 3 Things You Should Know about Ysabelle's Digital Photography and Videography Services
May 2014 - Why Hire Photographers from Pro Studios like Ysabelle's Digital Photography?
October 2013 - Capturing the Beauty in Bacolod Weddings: Ysabelle's Digital Photography