Wedding Tips

Practical Tips for “-Ber” Brides and Grooms

By Mina Deocareza | October 2015

For some reason, more couples opt to get married during the so-called "-ber" months. Perhaps it has a lot to do with the Christmas season.

First of all, Filipinos usually have more money during the last quarter of the year. It is when bonuses are released. OFWs also send more money during this season, boosting peoples' purchasing power.

No wonder, wedding suppliers are also very busy during the "-ber" months. They are usually fully-booked. So if you are thinking of getting married in the same season, you better be quick at making decisions. You may also consider the following tips:

1. Be sure about the date.

Come up with a date and be really sure about it. Why? Because you can't be sure whether or not suppliers can adjust for you if you ever request for a change of date. Keep in mind that they are mostly busy. They have other commitments, too.

2. Book your suppliers in advance.

They weren't wrong when they said, "The early bird catches the worm." Given the high demand for wedding suppliers and venues, it is wise to do them advance if you really want to go for them. Otherwise, you might not be able to have your wedding on your chosen date.

3. Come up with strategic plans.

Things have been really unpredictable these days, especially the weather. In the Philippines, lots of typhoons still come even during the Christmas season. Given the risks, it is best to come up with backup plans. They will save you when things do not turn the way you expect them to be.

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