Wedding Tips

Ways to Help Your Guests Get to Your Wedding Venue Easily

By Mina Deocareza | February 2016

Indeed, you will never run out of excellent choices when it comes to wedding venues. You may choose from Ibarra's Party Venues & Catering Services, City Garden Suites, City Garden Grand Hotel, and a lot more.

But of course, apart from choosing the right venue for your wedding, you also have to ensure that all your guests can get there easily. To guide you, here are some ways through which you can help guests find your venue without any hassle:

1. Include the complete address and a map in the invitation

Make it clear from the very beginning. Give the correct address, including landmarks and maps. If possible, enclose a guide which they could use either when driving or when using the public transport system.

2. Ask them if they have questions

You can either leave a message with the invitation, encouraging to ask you if they have clarifications or simply talk to them online whether they already know where to go or not. This way, you can save time on your wedding day. Instead of having to answer their calls on the actual day, trying to tell them how to get to the venue, you can make things clear earlier.

3. Provide free services

If your venue is a bit far from where most of your guests stay, then why not get a bus or a van which they can use to get to the venue? This way, you be sure that they will have a hassle-free trip to your wedding’s venue.

Your guests’ welfare should also be your priority. To make your wedding more successful, see what you can do to make their trip to your venue easier.