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Wedding Tips 101: Deciding on the Food

By Mina Deocareza |January 2015

Deciding on the food is never easy. Just thinking about what to eat next on an ordinary day is already a gruesome task to complete. How much more if you're deciding on the food to be served on your most special day?

But of course, tips are always here to save the day. Through them, you can be guided as you try to come up with sound decisions concerning the food on your wedding celebration. Now, here are some of the things you should consider when choosing the food to serve on your wedding day:

1. Your venue, plus the time of the year

You may argue that you can eat whatever you want, regardless of the day or time but keep in mind this philosophy does not always work in relation to weddings. Why go for certain dishes that don't match your venue or the time of the year in the first place? It's like eating ice cream while on the top of an icy mountain, in the middle of winter. So, before you decide on the food, consider these two things first.

2. Preferences and food restrictions of the people involved

Why have seafood if you know most of your family members are allergic to them? In the same way, why choose an all-meat menu when you know some of your closest friends are vegetarian? In short, do not just think about what you like as an individual. Think of other people around you and consider what they can and will love to eat.

3. Your budget

Practicality is the key. Regardless of what you plan to have for your wedding, if you cannot afford it, things would not happen. Be realistic and decide based on what you can pay for. Don't worry, it does not make you less. In the same way, it does not decrease the value of your wedding.

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  • Wedding Tips 101: Deciding on the Food
  • Wedding Tips 101: Deciding on the Food
  • Wedding Tips 101: Deciding on the Food